"I have a letter from you in my bag, and I'm afraid I'll lose it." She whispered. Du Changlun felt something in his heart, sour, he looked at Ji Xinran's glasses, "really silly, for such a letter, make it like this." As long as you like it, I will write a lot in the future, so that you have no place to put it. How can there be no place to put it? My heart is big. Ji Xinran's eyes were full of smiles. 87 Despite the nurse, Du Changlun came every day, and he was very busy during the day, so he came at night to accompany Ji Xinran for one night, and then went to work. Now not only Ji Xinran is living in the hospital, but he is also living in the hospital. Ning Bing's health is much better. He often comes to see Ji Xinran. It's very painful to see him like this. Chang Lun, don't come here every day. You're tired. Du Changlun has lost a lot of weight, but he is in good spirits. I'm all right, and I won't delay my rest here. He washed a towel and wiped Ji Xinran's face. He said so, but he was glad to know that he could not rest well at night. Her feet can not move, in bed at night can only lie in one position, Du Changlun afraid of her uncomfortable, always get up to help her move, Ji Xinran told him every time, he is not tired,Calacatta Quartz Slab, do not have to be so troublesome. He always said softly, "How can you not be tired?"? You are used to exercising, and it must be very uncomfortable to lie like this all day. When he bent over, Ji Xinran could smell the fresh and clean breath on his body. Once, his face was very close, and she kissed him gently. He looked at her, and his eyes seemed to be soaked with water. After a long time, he said, "Xinran,Marble Granite Price, you should get better soon." She drank all kinds of nourishing soup every day, and her appetite was not very good. Almost every time she forced herself to drink it with the mood of taking medicine. Du Changlun must have seen it too. When he came that night, he brought a lunch box. Open the lunch box and put it in front of her. "How about smelling it?" A very fresh taste came to my face. It was fish soup. Well, it's so fresh. She also drank fish soup these days, but I don't know if she put too much seasoning in it. Anyway, it's not so fresh. Where did you buy it? She asked. Du Changlun took out a spoon, "taste it, Du's restaurant bought it." "You did it?" Ji Xinran took the spoon and tasted it. It was light and fresh. It was delicious. Well, the fish I bought on the boat at the seaside were all alive, and then I stayed up for most of the afternoon. You should give face and drink more. Ji Xinran, of course, gave her face. She drank two big bowls full. The fish you cooked is really delicious. She remembered that he had cooked fish before, and the taste was so good. If you want to eat, get better quickly. Let's go fishing together and cook at home. He wiped her mouth with a tissue. Ji Xinran felt a little embarrassed and took the tissue. "If it goes on like this, I will become a kindergarten child." "You are very good when you are ill, but I prefer your glib tongue." Du Changlun tapped her nose. Ji Xinran also remembered the situation of two people bickering before, pietra gray marble ,Artificial Marble Slabs, as if he had not taken advantage of it every time. You bully people. You often give people a look. That time, you scolded people because there was a mess at home. Du Changlun is also happy, "still hold a grudge, next time you bully me, OK?" He paused for a moment and then said, "Actually, that time, I saw you at home alone, but you had a leisurely life. I was very angry. Alas, you didn't show any sign of missing me. Where did you put my self-esteem?" Ji Xinran smiled, "If I stick to you like an octopus all day, you won't be bored to death." "Then you can't catch it like a loach." Both were amused by their respective metaphors. Du Changlun sighed lightly, "in fact, later I found that someone was willing to make a mess of your home, which is also a kind of happiness." Every time I go back to my home which is as clean as a hotel, my heart is empty. After staying in the hospital for ten days, I can finally go home. She can't move the operated foot yet, but she can walk on the other foot with crutches, at least she can move freely. She was walking around the living room excitedly, actually jumping around. "Oh, slow down, slow down." Ning Bing was scared to sweat by her. All right, just got back. Be careful. Don't touch your feet. "Du Changlun, sitting on one side, got up, took her crutches and helped her sit down.". Ning Bing looked at the two of them, a stone in his heart finally fell to the ground, perhaps when Xinran's legs are good, he will no longer live with himself. After returning home, Du Changlun still often came over, usually in the evening to eat, and then chat with her for a while, and then go back. Hey, when will you go through the formalities? Zhao Yixiao asked her that she often came, and sometimes she could meet Du Changlun. What formalities should I go through? Ji Xinran was looking at the cartoon that Du Changlun had bought for her, and he was so happy that he fell back and forth. Zhao Yixiao knocked her, "how can you look like the chairman of a company like this?"? What else is the procedure? Of course, it's remarriage. Ji Xinran thought about it seriously. "We haven't said that yet." "Looking at you now, I guess your mother won't be able to keep you for a few days." Ji Xinran is a little stupefied, she has not thought so much, just feel that the present day is very good, very happy. Miss, you don't have other ideas, do you? Zhao Yixiao saw her like this. Of course not. This time she was very serious. That is, Du Changlun has done this for you. If you have any more ideas, you will be sorry for them. In the days after Ji Xinran's accident, she saw with her own eyes how Du Changlun treated her. In the past, she had a prejudice against Du Changlun. She always felt that he was cold and not easy to approach. Now it seems that he is not cold to all people. Now I finally understand why you refuse to turn back. Du Changlun is so gentle and considerate that even a piece of ice can melt. You have been with him for so long, of course you will be reluctant to part with him. Ji Xinran hit her, "look at what you said, where is he so good?"? Before, he was not like this. "Oh,Stone Honeycomb Panel, before he was not so good, you are reluctant to part with, now of course more reluctant to part with." Zhao Yixiao just refused to forgive her. forustone.com