Presumably, it will be known in a short time, especially in Yunhe Summer Palace. Yao's three Taishang elders, repeatedly explained not to conflict with the cloud He Xia Palace, try to avoid, if they appear in the north of Liangzhou things are known, I'm afraid the cloud He Xia Palace will send someone to come. Bu Qingyun is not afraid of this cloud He Xia Gong, but it is not appropriate to confront it head-on at this time. Their purpose is to find the regeneration of grass, not to find enemies.. "It seems that it's still a little too reckless.." Bu Qingyun muttered. At that time, he just wanted to kill Ji Qixue, but he didn't think too much. "We have to take the overall situation into account more in the future." "Boss, I think killing Ji Qixue is both good and bad." Jing Hong followed closely at this time, and had already turned into the shape of gr grén. Oh? Why do you think so? "If we kill Ji Qixue, the ancient clan surnamed Ji will be furious and will definitely send out the strong!"! At least it is above the level of Ji Qixue. In this way. The ancient clan with the surname of Ji has no master in charge of their own house. When the time comes.. "Jing Hong analyzed.". At this point, Bu Qingyun had already understood and grinned, "attend to one thing and lose another!"! When they came out to kill us, we went to the ancient clan of Ji! I'm afraid no one can imagine that.. Ji surname ancient clan, don't say in the north Ming area famous, even if the whole true world,Porcelain Marble Slabs, as long as the anger can make the earth tremble three times! Who would have thought that Bu Qingyun had only one man and two beasts. Dare to go to the ancient clan surnamed Ji? During this period of time, there have been all kinds of news that shocked the world, such as how to slay the nirvana monk without hatred and the birth of the twin stars in the mirror, fighting against the strong and so on. But as the story of Bu Qingyun killing Ji Qixue spread, all of a sudden the limelight covered up these young people who were very popular recently. The first person of the gathering of wind and cloud was mentioned again, and the matter of encirclement and suppression of the world's forces was brought to the table again. The news, like a huge stone thrown into a calm lake,Slate Wall Panel, caused many ripples and ripples. Bu Qingyun killed Ji Qixue, a strong man of the ancient clan surnamed Ji! "Incredible!"! That Ji Qixue is the favored son of the same generation as Feng Jieyan! Step through the clouds unexpectedly.. Killed a strong man of the same generation as his grandfather !” "He must have broken through to Nirvana, even in the middle of Nirvana." People do not know that Ji Qixue has broken through to the late stage of Nirvana, even the people of the ancient clan surnamed Ji do not know. After killing Ji Qixue, Bu Qingyun kept a low profile and took a rest in a small town. There are few people here, and few monks appear, only those who pass by for a temporary rest will see them. Therefore, Buqingyun's appearance did not attract the attention of the town. Boss, I was in that restaurant just now, and I heard that the ancient clan with the surname of Ji had sent out troops! Jing Hong came back to inquire about the news and was reporting at this time. Buqingyun bought a house, which was already luxurious in the town, and he was sitting in the room where he was resting. Hearing this, he got up and pushed the door and went out. The injury suffered before could not be better, Granite Slab Supplier ,Carrara Marble Slab, and there was no sign of injury at this time. Did the ancient clan with the surname of Ji send out troops? How many people? What kind of strong people are they? Bu Qingyun hurriedly asked. Jing Hong said with some helplessness, "This remote town is not well informed.". As for how many people are strong, I'm afraid I can't find out until I get to some cities.. Bu Qingyun also understands. After nodding his head, he said, "Yes, there are only monks passing by in this place. No one chooses to live here." "Shall we leave this town, boss?" "Don't worry, I'm afraid few people will know the news at first, and it's not too late to ask after a few days.". We live here for the time being. Recently, I peeped into the threshold of the fifth bullet of Xuangong. I should be able to realize it in a few days. ” "Five bullets return to Pu!" Jing Hong was surprised, but he knew the power of Xuangong! Itself is an ancient beast, defense is very tough, some of the king and even Zunqi can not hurt themselves, but this snap refers to Xuangong, no matter which bullet can hurt themselves! And has not said, these snap fingers Xuangong all kinds of strange, if cooperate, even if people who know that there are these fingering will be caught off guard! "Then, boss, you should practice well and ask for information on me." Jing Hong put away his shocked expression and said. Bu Qingyun nodded his head and then exhorted, "Good!"! From here to the nearest city, at our speed, it doesn't take an hour. After three days you will go and inquire, but be careful. At this point, Buqingyun settled down in this remote town, where only two or three monks passed by, some of whom would not even stay for a night, and then went on the road again after simply eating to fill their stomachs. After all, it is not very far from the nearest city. For several days in a row, Bu Qingyun has been in seclusion, and Yan has turned into a small and exquisite palm, guarding Bu Qingyun's side. Five bullets return to Pu? Buqingyun felt that he had touched the threshold of the fifth bullet, but he could not step in all the time. It seemed that there was a barrier as thin as paper, which always limited him. What the hell does that mean? Five bullets return to nature, return to nature! What is the real return to nature? He could never understand this last meaning, and he tried to use the fingering of a flick of autumn water, but it was not a return of five flicks, but a flick of autumn water. It's not fingering, is it running path? Speak to yourself. He tried again. But there was no progress, and it was still impossible to pierce the paper. I can't figure it out.. "Bu Qingyun is a little upset. It's not a good feeling. It's like I've already seen the steps, but I just can't climb them. I can see them but I can't touch them." Wheezy! "He tilted his little head to one side, and his big swarthy eyes twinkled with a puzzling deity." You guys are acting cute illegally again. "Buqingyun said with a smile,Pietra Gray Marble, then picked up the little guy and stroked his red hair." Come on, you must be bored these days. Take you to have a meal! "Wheeze!" When Yan heard that there was something delicious, he immediately became excited. The eyes rose like a crescent moon.