At this time, Xia Feng's heart is full of anger and hatred in addition to sadness. Perhaps it is the evil created by the Supreme God all his life, but why should he punish the people around him? What did Shen Min do wrong? Why should she leave this world so young? If it were not for Dao Tianzun and Shengzun, would Shen Min still suffer such harm? Maybe I have more time to accompany Shen Min, if there are not so many things that Dao Tianzun has done, I will have more time to save Shen Min. Sobbing, crying, tears like beans fell down, Xia Feng has never been so sad, never cried so painful, at this time not only because of sadness, Xia Feng's head seems to have been hit by something, heavy, stuffy, panic and so on these attached feelings make Xia Feng feel that the world seems to be going into a state of collapse. Holding Shen Min, looking at Shen Min's faint smile, Xia Feng felt a burst of heartache in his heart. Tears wet Shen Min's clothes, wet Shen Min's cheeks, but Shen Min closed his eyes forever. Xia Feng hugged Shen Min tightly, hugged her tightly, and let the tears wave down. Time slowly passed, the west slowly appeared golden "color", in the orange "color", orange red "color, until the sun slowly turned red can look directly at the time of the summer wind slowly picked up Shen Min slowly back. The summer wind goes very slowly,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and the feeling of a day like a year is thoroughly reflected in the body of the summer wind. When he walked to the villa next to Shen Hua and Yan Ruyu are standing in the doorway waiting for them, see Xia Feng holding Shen Min after two people instantly shed tears, but this time no one cried, no one wants to give Xia Feng to take over, now they know more Xia Feng is one of the most sad people. Like a walking corpse, Xia Feng walked into the villa with Shen Min in his arms, and then came to Shen Min's room to put her down slowly, followed by Shen Huayan Ruyu, and Shen Min's attending doctor. After putting down Shen Min, Xia Feng said, "I don't want Shen Min to leave this world so soon. Please find an ice coffin to freeze Shen Min. I want her to stay in this world for a year." "Xia Feng, I know you." Shen Hua's words were interrupted by Xia Feng without speaking, and seeing Xia Feng so persistent, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,sonicator homogenizer, Shen Hua no longer said anything. In fact, how can every parent not care about their children? But at this time Shen Hua wants to let Shen Min leave the world early, but Xia Feng asked to freeze Shen Min's body, although this can always see Shen Min, but this is not to be unfair to Shen Min? "You all go out. I want to be alone." Xia Feng sat on the bed and took Shen Min's hand. Shen Hua and the doctor nodded and went out. At this time, Yan Ruyu sat down slowly and patted Xia Feng on the shoulder and said, "You have to be good. You should understand that what you carry on your shoulders is not only the responsibility of Shen Min and me, but also the responsibility of Xiaomi, Xiaoman, Shujie and Lanfeng, as well as the future world. So you have no right to be like ordinary people." Yan Ruyu's words really said Xia Feng's heart, Xia Feng turned around and looked at Yan Ruyu, suddenly he just hugged Yan Ruyu and burst into tears. Don't I know? Don't I know? Just because I have too many responsibilities, I can't give her a promise like an ordinary couple, even if I tell her that I will go with her when she is dying, but I can't even do that, because I shoulder more responsibilities, ha ha ~ ~ Is this a blessing or a tragedy? Xia Feng's tears flowed out more unscrupulously. What can I do? What can I do? All I can do is watch the woman I love leave, but I can't give her a promise, even if I say I will build a house in front of her grave and keep her all the time, even if it's to make her happy, but what about me? It is useless for me to say anything. ” Yan Ruyu also felt that she had never seen Xia Feng in such a mess, she had never thought that Xia Feng would have such a fragile side, and she had never thought that Xia Feng would cry so sadly because of a woman, before seeing Xia Feng have so many women, Yan Ruyu felt that Xia Feng was actually not very important to women. What he values more is his career and those rights. But now Yan Ruyu knew that he was wrong, how wrong, Xia Feng now crying is absolutely from the heart, Yan Ruyu felt his shoulders were wet by Xia Feng's tears, Yan Ruyu never thought that a man would cry so fiercely. In fact, you have done a good job, I think Shen Min left you just don't want you like this, you are now like this is not to let Shen Min more worried about you? What else can Yan Ruyu say? Yan Ruyu, who has always dominated by eloquence, has no words at this time. Ah Xia Feng hugged Yan Ruyu and roared, he needed to vent. Xia Feng's eyes are red. Saint, Dao Tianzun, I will make you pay the price of blood! Chapter 1023 surprised Nuwa Stone 1. Chapter 1023 surprised Nuwa Stone 1. The reason why Xia Feng complained about everything on Dao Tianzun and Shengzun was that the appearance of Shengzun and Dao Tianzun made the future world very difficult. If it hadn't been for the appearance of these two people, he might have lived a stable life with the girl he liked, but the appearance of Shengzun and Dao TianZun broke Xia Feng's plan. It's not so much that Xia Feng hates them as that he hates his last life, that is,ultrasonic molten metal, the Supreme God. If he hadn't done that, it wouldn't have led to the capture of the Ice and Snow Goddess by Cadi, nor would it have led to the fall of his two best friends. Now Dao Tianzun and Shengzun have become so because of their own reasons. And the root of these things is precisely because of their own reasons.