The leaders of the Shrek Seven are Master, Flanders and Zhao Wuji. They don't have VIP status, so naturally they can only watch the game here. On the other side, the leader of the Huangdou team is the teacher Qin. Flanders saw Qin Ming 100 meters away at a glance, his face suddenly changed, and then gradually relaxed, the original tension seems to ease a lot, "It seems that this time I do not need to worry any more.". Wuji, who is that opposite? Zhao Wuji also saw Qin Ming, his eyes suddenly widened, "how could it be him." The master looked at them doubtfully. "Do you know each other's leader?"? What's wrong Flanders smiled and said, "Keep it a secret until the fight is over." On the center of the soul platform, almost at the same time, a total of fourteen people on both sides all released their own soul power, fourteen strong fighting spirit rose to the sky, startled the white pigeon soul division in the air quickly raised his height in the air again. She has not seen a stronger battle than the following people, but it is extremely rare for both sides to have such a strong fighting spirit. In Doudou's eyes,PET bottle Mold, the following fourteen people can only be described in one word. That's strong. As a live host, she said that she did not know what kind of words to use to explain the game. She knew that immediately, a needle-to-wheat fight was about to begin. A tiger roar came from Dai Mubai's mouth, and some of his hot breath spurted from his body, accompanied by the crackling sound of his bones like exploding beans, the muscles of his whole body swelled in an instant, and his claws popped out of the tiger's paws. Although he was wearing a mask,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, his eyes were as sharp as a knife and full of wild breath. Under the leadership of Dai Mubai, all the Shrek Seven released their souls. Oscar's three kinds of sausages had been distributed to everyone before the war. He and Ning Rongrong still stood at the back of the team. Xiaowu and Zhu Zhuqing stood on both sides of Dai Mubai, and Tang San stood behind them. Ma Hongjun was slightly ahead of Ning Rongrong and Oscar, and the purple flame kept beating in the palm of his hand. Blue and purple blue and silver grass swam out quietly from around Tang San's body. With the rise of soul power, after entering the realm of soul, he could release more blue and silver grass than before. The blue light in the palm of his hand flashed constantly, and the blue and silver grasses were released like endless, occupying the ground on one side of his own. At the same time, six blue and silver grasses rose quietly and wrapped around the waists of the other six Shrek Seven. Under the influence of the blue and silver grass, the seven people immediately formed a whole with Tang San as the center. The Shrek Seven have released their own souls, and the other side will naturally not be idle. The formation of the Emperor Fighting Team is quite different from that of the Shrek Seven. Standing in the front is not their captain, Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex, CSD filling line ,PET blowing machine, Yu Tianheng. But two brothers of the Shi family, the master of the basalt tortoise soul. The two men, one on the left and one on the right, burst out at the same time when Doudou announced the beginning of the fight, and the khaki light rose from their feet, and the sound they made was even more violent than the violent sound of Dai Mubai's bones. Before the release of Wuhun, the Shi brothers first shook off their jackets, revealing solid muscles like granite. With the release of Wuhun, their shoulders slowly moved forward, the whole back half arched, and all the khaki light condensed by the soul power condensed behind them, forming a huge dark yellow tortoise shell. The lines on the tortoise shell are light yellow, and the bones of the Shi brothers seem to have changed with the appearance of the tortoise shell. The tortoise shells appeared not only behind them, but also in front of them, and their limbs became shorter with the appearance of the tortoise shells. In the middle of the plastron in the tortoise shell, there is a huge symbol. U worry book Uutxt. Com interpretation of Wen Zi Ban Yue Du Episode 4 Shrek Seven Monsters Chapter 49 Seven Monsters Fighting the Emperor (Part 2) Words: 2636 Flashing with a faint blue light. Two yellow and one purple, three soul rings coiled around their bodies from bottom to top, because their bodies had swelled a lot after they produced tortoise shells, and the soul rings coiled around their bodies seemed to be somewhat deformed. The strong momentum produced by Dai Mubai was forcibly blocked from the front after the Shi brothers released their own martial spirits, and it was impossible for them to exert pressure on the other members of the Huangdou team behind them. From the gap between the Shi brothers, we can just see Yu Tianheng. As one of the top beast spirits, the blue electric Tyrannosaurus Rex ignited the mood of all the VIP audiences at the very beginning. A group of dazzling blue light suddenly lit up from Yu Tianheng's eyebrows, and then the blue light spread instantly, falling from his eyebrows into his whole body, and a blue-purple electric field burst out like a small snake, swimming around his body. On the surface, the change of Yu Tianheng is not very big, except for a blue lightning sign on his forehead, only one part of his body has changed because of the possession of Wuhun. However, the change of this place alone is more thorough than the change of all the beastmasters present. It was his right arm that changed. The original right sleeve burst into ashes because of the expansion of the right arm, the length of the arm increased by more than half a foot, the whole arm was extremely thick, covered with blue and purple scales, the hand turned into a claw, covered with the same scales, every joint on the hand became extremely thick, and the blue and purple snake electricity circling around him kept condensing or flowing on the arm. The three soul rings, two yellow and one purple, do not hover on the body like other soul masters, but on the arm of this special mutation. Tang San's eyes crossed Dai Mubai and carefully stared at the changes on Yu Tianheng's body. The master once explained to him in detail the top martial soul of the blue electric Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are some differences between Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex and other Wuhun,juice filling machine, first of all, as a Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex Soul Master. The soul ring that can be obtained must be the soul beast of Yalong species, similar to the kind of cockscomb snake that Oscar obtains the soul ring.