For these, people are the most sensitive and understanding, the wind at the helm is human nature, so her side of the treatment improved, in contrast, Xu Yihua's status began to decline. If she dares to go out like this with Xu Yanhua, no one can bully her face, after all, she has Zhou's backing, but Xu Yihua himself is used to thinking too much, and has to maintain his demeanor and dignity, do not want to fall into a petty handle, you have to suffer some losses. After returning from the Zhou family, Xu Yanhua learned from Zhang Yangniang that the people in the kitchen now take extra care of their yard, not only what they want to order, but also often receive other filial piety from the kitchen. For example, with fresh wild duck, the kitchen will take the initiative to add a cup of wild duck soup or something to her at dinner, while Xu Yihua's meals are cooked after Xu Yanhua, often without the filial piety of the kitchen, and the dishes are not as good as Xu Yanhua's side. Let's put it this way, now the wind direction of Hou Fu has completely changed, now enjoy the first important treatment of course or Yong Yi Hou and Zhou Shi, and Xu Yanhua is the second priority treatment,liquid bottle filling machine, and Xu Yihua there, also from the original second class, into three or four or five or six. Just look at Zhang Yangniang, from the initial fear of Xu Yihua, advised Xu Yanhua to endure more, to now fair and aboveboard complaints and ridicule, can be seen. This question, Xu Yanhua did not know whether Zhou knew or not,Beverage packing machine, but she knew that Xu Yihua must have a feeling, and to prick the heart. To the courtyard where Xu Yihua lived, Xu Yanhua looked around, and when he lived here, it was almost the same, but the inner room was more exquisite, presumably all of Zhou's subsidies. Xu Yihua is still quite tasteful, the inner room is still tidied up with both style and elegant temperament, even now lying in bed with a pair of Xizi holding the heart, it does not look awkward. I came to see you, but you are better? Go out for a walk if you have nothing to do. After Xu Yanhua entered the room, he said hello to Xu Yihua, and the two of them had a feeling of having nothing to say to each other. Xu Yanhua said dryly that he only needed to drink more hot water. Thank you for worrying. It's all because my body doesn't live up to expectations. In Xu Yihua's room, there was still a bitter smell of Chinese medicine that had not drifted away. Xu Yihua half leaned on the head of the bed, sighing faintly. I brought some snacks. I don't know if you like them. As the saying goes, illness is afraid of three bowls of rice. You can recover faster if you eat more. Xu Yanhua thought about it and did not know what to say, so he asked Zhang Yangniang to give the food box to Xu Yihua's adoptive mother. All foster mother swallowed saliva, PET blow moulding machine ,juice filling machine, did not expect the big girl to visit the patient, really only sent a box of snacks, stingy like this, is really eye-opening. But she did not dare to show the slightest, unlike relying on the book so far confused do not know the truth of the destruction of embroidery, Zhang Yangniang but in charge of Xu Yihua's silver. And a look at the big girl has not been punished by the wife, the whole foster mother naturally can guess their own girl and the bird, almost can be sure that this is their own girl's means. In particular, her wife was so angry that she beat the bird to death and sold it with dumb medicine. She was even more nervous. Even her own girl was seriously ill. This matter is not the big girl to do, but the big girl was implicated, but also the lady called the past a scolding, naturally the bottom of my heart put this account on their own girl, the whole foster mother now really dare not look at Xu Yanhua, she did not know how their own girl is so bold. It's just that they don't have a girl at home, and now they can't pull hatred. The whole foster mother hesitated for a moment, then took the initiative to open the food box, took out a few dishes of snacks, and offered them to Xu Yihua. Big girl is also a good intention, these kinds of snacks girls also love to eat in the past, do you want to taste? Although the big girl did not give much face, but people were angry in their hearts, the whole foster mother felt that her own girl still had to suffer a little now, so she winked at Xu Yihua. Xu Yihua knew the meaning of the whole foster mother, looking at Xu Yanhua's faint expression, his heart was both humiliated and blocked, but he still had a wry smile. "I took too much medicine, and now I can't taste anything in my mouth. I just want to be an appetizer. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.". ” In front of Xu Yanhua, Xu Yihua ate two pieces of wick cake and a piece of butter cake. Xu Yanhua choked for her and once again sighed that she was really able to go out in some ways. But now Xu Yihua's sick little face has become a narrow strip, after all, he is still a child, and then think about his actual age, Xu Yanhua always feels a little bit of victory, bullying the meaning of the child, he feels a little bored. Xu Yanhua also did not want to continue to watch her take medicine to eat snacks, after drinking a bowl of tea also hurriedly left. Sister, stop eating and drink a cup of rose brine to relieve the greasy feeling. As soon as Quan's adoptive mother saw that Xu Yanhua had gone, she hurried over to stop Xu Yihua. She didn't expect that the dim sum sent by the big girl would not be taken care of here. This kind of sweet and greasy dim sum was never liked by her master. Xu Yihua seemed to be angry, grabbing the dish and eating most of the four kinds of snacks in one breath, until he could no longer stuff them down, and then drank a few mouthfuls of rose stew in the voice of his adoptive mother's persuasion. No matter how sweet the snacks and fragrant rose stew were, Xu Yihua could not feel it in her mouth. She was really full of bitterness. When she put down the cup, she shrank into the quilt and couldn't help crying. Sister, relax, at least madam still has you in her heart. The whole foster mother looked at Xu Yihua like this, the heart is also sour, whispered to comfort, thought, the whole foster mother added a sentence. In this life, life is doomed. How can people compare with life? Sister is still good. Like Yishu, they have been sold by their parents since they were young. They have to do the work of serving people all their lives. This is also fate. Now the whole foster mother really felt that her own girl had better recognize the reality and stop struggling. If she wanted to stay in Hou Fu, she would definitely not be able to compete with the big girl any more. It was too late to ingratiate herself. So that those means are useless. He didn't have such a deep understanding in the past, but now he understands everything. Apart from anything else,plastic bottle making machine, let's take the old lady of the Zhou family. In the past, it was a serious family. Not only Xu Yihua, but also the whole adoptive mother had a little face in the old Zhou family.