Night Shadow carried me to play several times in a row to get rid of most of the enemies, and the last time he seemed to enter the mental range of a guy with strong mental power. Then we arrived at the top of Ziyun Mountain. . This Ziyun Mountain is different from most Fushan Mountains. He is not bowl-shaped. But olive-shaped land . Most of the floating mountains are the finest at the bottom. And the top of the mountain is basically a big plain, like turning over the mountain on the ground. But Ziyun Mountain is the same up and down. The middle is the thickest, and the top and bottom are getting thinner and thinner, just like an olive standing up. There is a forbidden area for restricted flight and transmission on this mountain, but Night Shadow enters here directly with the help of other people's dreams, so it goes directly halfway up the mountain, which saves me a lot of trouble. As soon as I appeared on the mountain, I was targeted by a lion with wings. This guy was on a rock right behind where we showed up. I didn't see this guy at all. He suddenly threw himself down from the stone. A guy brought me down from the shadow of the night. The giant mouth bit my head. As a result, the upper jaw was cut by the bayonet blade on my helmet before he closed his mouth, and he retreated with a cry of pain in his throat. "Damn, what the hell bit me?" I turned around and saw this thing, and I was a little stunned. The night shadow snorted. "Do you still need me?" "Not for the time being,water bottling line, ask the night moon to come out and help." "I know." The space of Phoenix and Dragon unfolds behind the shadow of the night. Then he backed in. . The night moon jumped out of the phoenix and dragon space. Yeah, but she's not the only one who came out. The princess followed. . "Oh, it's Kim.". I thought it was something attacking you. !” The night moon was obviously quite disappointed to see this thing. The princess smiled and said, "I'll take care of it." Then she waved to the golden cat and said, "Be a good kitten." When the gold attacked me before, it was so fierce that I didn't expect to see the princess as if she couldn't walk. She ran to her side happily and rubbed her hand intimately. Princess, this guy is higher than the night moon. Combat effectiveness is basically zero. It is because her charm is really too high. That's why we got such a high grade. This gold was supposed to be a member of a hostile force. I didn't expect the princess to mutiny with a word! I said to the princess, water filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, "Ask him if he knows where the body of the Tathagata is hidden." "He's just a mythical beast raised by the Buddhists," said the night moon. "How can I tell him something confidential?" "Not necessarily," I said to the princess. "Ask." The princess patted the gold dog and whispered in his ear for a moment, after which the gold dog gave a strange cry. The princess smiled at me. "He didn't know, but he said he was a garrison guard." "Hiding in the armory?"? That's the armory. "I cheered up at once." Let him take us. " The princess said something to the gold again, then turned over and jumped on the back of the gold, so let the gold carry to the side of the main road to run over the mountain, we quickly followed up. It's really convenient to do this kind of thing. Jin knows the route and the location of all the organs. We don't have to worry about any accidents and go straight into the armory. Buddhist masters all have their own weapons. Those things are taken with us, and we don't expect to get those things. What is really needed for the weapons depot is only the standard weapons equipped with the general army. . However Buddhism used to be a big force anyway. Their standard weapons are also much better equipped than the general guild. . There is no guard in the huge weapons warehouse. According to the gold who led us the way, there were four gold guards here, but later the mountain was disrupted. They also ran away. He's the only one left guarding this armory. I opened the Earth Gate right in the middle of the warehouse. 。 Then as soon as the order was given, nearly ten thousand kylin warriors immediately began to sweep everything here. The contents of the Arsenal. FEIKU is mostly sticks, but we're not going to use it directly. Go back and transform it into other weapons. . The key is that the materials used for these weapons are relatively valuable. I don't care what form they are! After moving here, we inquired about the gold again, and learned that there were actually two armories on the mountain. The one he guards is only a relatively small one. On the other side of the mountain, there is a bigger one, but there are more people there, so it may not be easy to steal. I used the authority of the guild president to wash off the Buddhist mark on this gold, and then listed him as one of the NPC members of this guild, so that he would not resist even if the princess was not around. Of course . This work of cleaning marks must be carried out on the basis of the consent of the other party. . Not everyone's mark can be washed away. . This gold is of no use anymore. I sent him to fight for the guild. Then he put away the summoned creature and touched the bigger armory by himself. As Kim said. The defense here is much better than that over there. The warehouse is built against the hill. Right behind the gate is the cave, and the weapons are in it. There is a small square in front of the gate. . There are more than 300 guards there. And half of them are high arhats, including two Bodhisattvas. Such a defense force is much stronger than that of the gold guard. . But now I can totally leave them alone. . Because in the square, in addition to more than 300 Buddhist guards, there are more than 300 heavenly soldiers and generals in the heavenly court. And it looks like heaven has the upper hand. The Buddhist guards are too busy to take care of themselves. Where do you care about me. Although the Buddhist guards are very busy now,Edible oil filling machine, I secretly empty things without being disturbed. It's better to do less than more. I took advantage of the chaos to pull up the hood of the phantom cloak. Then go into stealth mode and move along the mountain little by little to the door. The Phantom Cloak is not completely invisible on the move. , but there will only be a distortion of the light. Not really fully visible. . It's all around now I don't think anyone will notice me, will they.