As soon as Gong Liang picked up a suit of leather clothes and woolen trousers, he saw that Shi and Yi had already grabbed one and put it on first. He felt that it was glossy and smooth, and the color was dark red. It was very beautiful, and the production was particularly exquisite, but the size was short. The longest one was only three or four feet, and it was also connected to a woolen cover. Shi and Yi naturally shared it. Not to mention the height, it was difficult for him and Gong Ming and Gong Chao to wear it. Thought, this good leather coat is so short, can not be the upper body, is not a pity? Be reminded by tiger female suddenly, move in the heart, see stone at the same time. Yi two people wear two bodies, Yi Meng just fit, wild body horizontal wide, strong hands and feet, this does not match, the remaining seven sets are thinner, first also anxious to say is the size, when tried, suddenly cheered and ran upstairs. I had just put on my clothes for the second time and turned around, and my whole body was already tight, and I became a red man. Reflecting the light of the fire, my whole body shone like a mass of fire. With a slight movement, I flashed light waves all over my body, like running water. The beauty lies in the fact that from head to foot, except for two air holes in the mouth and nose and two pieces of crystal-shaped soft skin in front of the eyes, there is no gap in the whole body, and people seem to be naked, born to be such a red man, integrated with the leather coat. The wild son was naked, and seemed to feel ugly, and put on a piece of animal skin around his waist, and put on the original feather clothes, red and white contrast, dazzling, more and more bright, the feathers on the feather clothes and hedgehogs are also similar,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, looks like a monster. Yi Meng originally put on her clothes and shouted, "This dress can be big or small." Seeing the wild son dressed up like this, he immediately took it off and galloped down with the smallest one. Gong Liang began to wake up. Before he could open his mouth, the tiger girl said with a smile, "This thing is a kind of sea Jiao, which is a specialty of Feilong Island overseas. It was born amphibious and extremely fierce.". Once upon a time, my teacher and two other teachers were visiting friends overseas. On their way, they were caught in a strong wind. They saw many uncivilized natives crying on the cliffs by the sea. They asked if they knew that the evil Jiao had committed murder. At that time, they persuaded them: 'It is not a good law for you natives to sacrifice other people's captives to the evil Jiao. According to what you said, in recent years, small mosquitoes have grown from two to dozens, all of which are self-inflicted, and it is best to work together to get rid of them. Otherwise,small geared motors, more and more evil Jiao will be born, and people will not be able to supply it, and sooner or later they will perish together. The natives first treated the evil dragon as a God and refused to believe it, and a sorcerer made trouble from it and tried every means to obstruct it. But the natives came up to besiege him and wanted to capture someone to feed him, but they were defeated by the three elders and did not dare to resist. Finally, the sorcerer was also drunk by his teacher and put him into the cave of Jiao, so that the evil Jiao was torn to pieces and devoured. When those ignorant savages came to their senses, they began to take a strange risk. They went down from the dangerous cliff dozens of feet high and ambushed beside the exit leading to the land. At that time, they killed a big one and hung the dead Jiao with a rattan rope prepared in advance. They shared the food with all the people, and the savages began to believe it. Because there are too many Jiao, more than 20 in size, although it moves slowly on the land, its strength is infinite. How strong the cliff was swept by its long tail. At that time, it shattered a large piece. Its two front paws looked like goose feet, stronger than iron. No matter how big or small the trees were, when it showed its power, it would break as soon as it was caught. The body is thick, the cow's head is bloody, the teeth are sharp, and the ferocity is extreme. When he killed the first Jiao, the head of the Jiao was broken, and he jumped and threw for two hours before he was killed. Later, he tried to find out that Jiao meat could strengthen the body, not to mention it, such as peeling off the outer layer of thick scales, brushless gear motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, taking out the inner layer of animal skin and wearing it on the body, the knife and axe would not hurt. This thing has two layers of skin, scales and armor are thick, except that there is a circle of white lines between the head and neck, which is its fatal place, it can hardly be hurt. Even with the mind to kill more than a dozen, the rest lurk in the cave, roaring every day. Because the exit has been blocked, unable to escape the sea of people, hungry for a long time, then cannibalism, the law of the jungle, tear to eat one or two, quiet time to fight again. The cave is deep, and it is also a water hole, so people can't enter it. There is only one water source on the island, and it cannot be poisoned. Besides, there is not so much poison. Sanlao had always saved people and refused to give up halfway, and Jiao was so cunning that he was no longer fooled. Fortunately, after more than half a year's advice, the thousands of natives had changed their normal state, and they had become a group, no longer killing and plundering at will, and then they had influenced the savages on a small island near the feud between the two sides. On the one hand, he taught him the method of ploughing and weaving, and found wild grain to make seeds, which would be harvested in the same year. The savages were also overjoyed, so they got rid of their old enmities and got together to plough, weave, fish and hunt for a living according to the convention made by the three elders. Instead of plundering each other before, they either harmed or were harmed all day long. People are able to live in peace, the mind is also dexterous, and finally the savages of the neighboring island try out a charming herb, stuffed in the belly of the beast in large quantities, will go down. And come up with all kinds of methods, before and after more than a year, spend endless effort, began to open up water sources, United the two island savages, the evil Jiao catch all, and also think of the next preventive method, began to leave. When they left, the natives cried loudly and sent a lot of Jiaopi. This thing can't even be pierced by a needle. No matter how sharp an ordinary sword is, it's hard to hurt it. It's better to wear clothes than any armor. The wonderful thing is that it can stretch and tighten, and the smallest adult can also wear it with flesh, as if it generates flesh, which is very flexible, and can not be invaded by cold, heat, wind and rain, which is the most wonderful thing for self-defense. However, it is extremely difficult to make, and the needle and thread are useless, so it must be glued with the gum of Benshan specialty, roasted with a slow fire for half a day, and then flattened with a hammer ram to connect them into one piece, and then the gum is removed. When wearing, first cover the feet, then cover the hands, and then pull the tendon belt on the chest, put on the headgear, tie it well, and then tighten the body, as if not wearing clothes. Because there is a section under the headgear, it just covers the knot belt between the head, neck and chest, so there is no gap at all. In the past, I only heard that my teacher had a lot of such things in his possession, but I had never seen them. It wasn't until we broke up that year that I was given a tight vest. It had no buttons, and it had to be worn from the top of my head to the bottom of my gloves. The whole body was transparent. My teacher said that it was the skin of a newborn baby who could defend himself. I didn't mention anything else, and I didn't ask much. A few days ago, I heard about the process and function of Jiao Pi, but I didn't expect it to be so bright red. I think my teacher knows that I like to be clean, and I don't like to be variegated. That tight vest was made with medicine, and I still wear it. It's not only easy to wash, but also dry with a shake, and it's warm in winter and cool in summer. It's a pity that I only have one vest, not the whole set. I don't like the same color as blood. You and I have no share in these nine leather clothes, and I can ask for two more from my teacher in the future. It is said that if you wear this thin layer on your body,Planetary Gear Motor, you will not feel any coolness even if it is extremely cold in the middle of winter. In summer, you will feel cool all over your body, but you have to take a bath every day to avoid closing your pores. 。