Xiang Wencheng said, "The foreigner's name is not Niu, but Niu.". I think the matter of lighting the lamp with rush grass can only be a legend. He returned the conversation to the rush. He also thought that when there were no flowers in the world, there would be hemp, hemp seeds could also extract oil, and the rush might be dipped in hemp seed oil. But at this time, Xiang Wencheng was willing to let the two daughters "ask" themselves. Su and Mei Ge unconsciously poured a bundle of Chinese medicine from Xiang Wencheng into the medicine bucket. Mei Ge saw that a small clock in Shi'an Hall pointed to twelve o'clock. Knowing that it was already noon, he said to Su, It's already noon. Let's go home. At this time, Su remembered the sofa again and said to Mei Ge that she was still waiting for Wen Cheng to tell her about the sofa to see whether there were flowers or gas in the sofa. Xiang Wencheng told Su the secret of the sofa. Su learned that the sofa was not filled with flowers, nor with air, but with something called a spring. Xiang Wencheng also told Su that springs can not only make sofas, but also beds, and there are spring beds in Hankou. As soon as Su heard that there was still a spring bed, one of her legs, which had just stepped out of Shi An Tang, came back and said that she wanted to listen to Wen Cheng again about the spring bed. She asked Xiang Wencheng if he was dizzy when he slept on the spring bed,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and said that she was still dizzy after sitting on the sofa for a long time. Xiang Wencheng told her that everyone's reaction was different whether she was dizzy or not. He said that if you can't sleep on a spring bed, people who are dizzy on the sofa will be even more dizzy. Su said that she would like to try again. Section 21 In winter, the loess ditches leading to the county town in Benhua Village are often covered with ice and snow, and rows of snowdrifts are often piled up in Benhua Street. When the midday sun brought warmth to the flowers and the ice and snow on the road temporarily melted, the trickle of snow water flowed down the car into the loess ditch, where people and cars trampled the ditch into mud, and livestock and people trudged forward in the mud. The night came cold,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and the mud was frozen again, waiting for the day to melt again. And so on, until spring. It's spring, and the snow and mud can't get together any more. At that time, the southeast wind from the Xiaohe River and the northwest wind from the Hutuo River will scrape the dry mud into suspended dust. When the strong wind whistles, the loess is rolled up into the sky. For a time, the loess spirals and rises, filling the sky, and a yellow dragon will rise above the ditch. The dragon roared and ran to the stupid flower, and the village of the stupid flower was immediately swallowed up by the loess. Loess is all-pervasive in Benhua, rushing into people's homes through broken window lattices, loose lintels, 12v High Torque Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, and short ruins. If you walk in the street, the loess will push you away. Your mouth will also be filled with loess, which will rub between your upper and lower teeth. The wind blew the indigo curtain of Shi'an Hall, and the curtain kept sweeping the roof of Shi'an Hall. The wind also scraped Xiang Wencheng's medicine-wrapped paper all over the floor. Xiang Wencheng bent down to pick up the paper, stroked the paper one by one, and pressed it with a copper paperweight. The wind blew Gan Ziming in. Gan Ziming had taken off his black cotton cloth robe and replaced it with a grey cloth jacket, the hem of which was swaying in the wind. Gan Ziming does not wear a purple flower jacket in winter, and it is a sign of identity that he does not wear a purple flower jacket in Benhua. Xiang Wencheng doesn't wear a purple coat either. Gan Ziming also wears a pair of three-joint embossed leather shoes, which he bought when he was studying at the Beijing School of Politics and Law. Xiang Wencheng doesn't wear leather shoes easily. He often wears cloth shoes made by Xiuzhi. When you want to be decent, wear a pair of dress shoes with leather soles. But his dress slippers did not match his cloth socks, which were thick, and his feet and socks were tucked in the shoes, which were tight against his feet. Xiang Wencheng always feels that his feet are swollen. One year, Xiang Xi asked someone to bring back a new type of silk stockings to Xiang Wencheng, which also had a fashionable brand called "Mr. Zhongshan Silk Stockings". After wearing them once, Xiang Wencheng commented that the name of the socks meant to wear Dr. Sun Yat-sen's silk stockings and follow the path of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, but the quality of the socks was not good, they did not absorb sweat on the feet, and they were slippery when walking. So Xiang Wencheng is still wearing his cloth socks. Gan Ziming was stocky, with bright eyes and a short, yellowish beard. He also pays attention to trimming his beard, unlike ordinary villagers, who let his beard grow in disorder. Xiang Wencheng did not grow a beard and shaved his face with an old-fashioned razor. His eyesight often left him with two or three unshaven stubble on his face. Gan Ziming studied at the Beijing School of Politics and Law, and at a critical moment of historical transition, he returned to the stupid flower without graduation. But Gan Ziming's knowledge is orthodox in Benhua and even in Zhaozhou. In his early years, Xiang Wencheng studied in a private school in Baoding, and his years were limited. Later, he only relied on his personal wisdom and interests to get some miscellaneous knowledge. All these indicate that Gan Ziming and Xiang Wencheng's demeanor are "contrary", and their knowledge is also divided into "government and public". But the two people have always maintained a friendly relationship. The basis of the friendship between Xiang Wencheng and Gan Ziming is not limited to the contradiction of their demeanor, but also to the distinction between the government and the public in their learning. Their friendship has more profound reasons. A protracted lawsuit in Benhua Village proved that they were like-minded, and the lawsuit made them inseparable. It was 1919 when Gan Ziming was studying at the School of Political Science and Law in Beijing. In May of that year, students from more than 10 universities in Beijing joined forces to demonstrate against the government's humiliating and traitorous "Twenty-one Demands", distributing leaflets along the way until Zhao Jialou was set on fire. An overwhelming patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism soon spread across the land of China, all of which encouraged Gan Ziming. First, he wrote to Wencheng one after another, telling him about his influence and his restless mood. Xiang Wencheng, who was in Benhua, also sent letters to Beijing to tell Gan Ziming about the aspirations of a group of people in Zhaozhou for the movement. Later, Xiang Wencheng bluntly proposed to settle the matter of the forty mu of official land with the Tong family. He wrote: "Since the recent developments in Beijing have given hope to the Chinese people,Small Geared Motors, it is not far to solve the problem of stupid flowers.". But in the end, everything depends on human effort. Man-made, is this matter to fall on the shoulders of you and me. ichgearmotor.com