The person outside answers: "God eldest brother, God second brother, you come very early.". Who else are you dating? No, it's just me. Shall we talk first? Zhuo Yihang a listen, the voice is very familiar, the original is Wang Zhaoxi. Zhuo Yihang has two best friends in his life, one is Yue Wuke, and the other is Wang Zhaoxi. Although he and Wang Zhaoxi The road was different, but they treated each other with all sincerity. After listening to his voice, I was delighted. After listening to his words, I was surprised again. "God," said the heart. Boss, God's second child? Oh, could it be that these two people are the two gods of northern Shaanxi, Shen Dayuan and Shen Yiyuan? I've heard for a long time that these two men have strange martial arts. It's ridiculous. Why did Wang Zhaoxi ask them to meet here? When the gate of the temple opened, Wang Zhaoxi walked in slowly. Suddenly he exclaimed, "Isn't this Du Wu, the night owl, and Fourth Master Zhang, the archer of the sky?" Is it? You, how did you do this? Shen Dayuan Jiejie laughed and said, "They don't listen to the orders of the Eight Great Kings. We have no choice but to make an example of them." "It must not have been the Eight Kings' idea," said Wang Zhaoxi. "The Eight Kings have become sworn brothers with our little King Chuang. How can he kill them?" Our people? Shen Yiyuan said in a loud voice, "Little Chuang Wang?"? Hum, what little Chuang Wang? When we rushed to the road, he was still rushing in his mother's stomach. Why does he command the heroes of the two provinces? The Eight Kings are willing to become sworn brothers with him, but we don't sell this account! The eight kings were Zhang Xianzhong, and Xiao Chuang Wang was Li Zicheng. A few years ago, Zhang Xianzhong had led a bandit party of thirty-six battalions, with more than two hundred thousand men attacking and plundering. Shanxi was defeated by Hong Chengchou,x52 line pipe, the governor of the Ming Dynasty, and the rest of the people flowed into Henan and Hebei provinces, where they were blocked by the Ming army and then flowed into Hubei from Henan. From Hubei to Sichuan. At that time, Li Zicheng also went to Sichuan from the west to train troops in the Qinling Mountains, and the two became brothers. Zhang Xianzhong is in Sichuan So Li Zicheng made an agreement with him to give Sichuan to him as a base, while he returned to the west. As for Shanxi, trace back The historical origin was originally Zhang Xianzhong's territory, but Zhang Xianzhong was already satisfied with Sichuan, thinking: beyond reach, get it. "Land of Abundance",316 stainless steel plate, why do we need poor Shanxi? Therefore, he verbally promised Li Zicheng to develop in Shanxi. This is the reason why Li Zicheng sent Wang Zhaoxi to contact the rebel armies in the two provinces of Western Shanxi. Unexpectedly, the God brothers refused to accept it. When they learned of the agreement between Zhang Xianzhong and Li Zicheng, they went to see Zhang Xianzhong and said that they should not be in the mountains. West's territory is abandoned. Zhang Xianzhong was persuaded by them, but he was embarrassed to break the contract, so he let them go. The brothers of the House of God know. Wang Zhaoxi had made an appointment with the leaders of various rebel armies in Shanxi and was about to gather in Zhongtiao Mountain. They made an appointment with Wang Zhaoxi two days before the meeting. During the negotiation, Wang Zhaoxi heard about their activities in Shanxi and wanted to talk with them clearly, so he agreed. He didn't want the two gods to be so ruthless that they killed the two rebel leaders, Du Wu and Zhang Si, who strongly advocated accepting the order of Chuang Wang. The head brought Wang Zhaoxi. Wang Zhaoxi suppressed his anger and talked with them, and the more he talked, the stiffer he became. Wang Zhaoxi said, "We should have worked together for the greater good." It's the same thing, whoever is the leader. However, since they have made an appointment to do things separately, they should not fight for profits and power. Cannibalism, even more. Disagreement! If you are like this, I will have to ask the heroes to vote in a referendum the day after tomorrow. Shen Da yuan Guai rolled his eyes and laughed, "Do you still want to?" Live to the day after tomorrow? "What do you want?" Asked Wang Zhaoxi angrily. Shen Dayuan said, "Your younger generation didn't dare to criticize us when your father was alive." Since you dare to be rude, we invite you to go with the night owl and the shooting eagle, 316l stainless steel pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, so that your ears will be clean! "You!" Wang Zhaoxi shouted. Dare! Shen Dayuan laughed wildly and shouted, "Why don't I dare?" He jumped forward, waved his arm, and leaned straight for it. Wang Zhao With a slight flash, the sword was unsheathed. Shen Dayuan split it with one hand. Wang Zhaoxi cut it with his backhand. Shen Dayuan laughed and said, "Wa!" Son, what else can you do? Let's do it together! Suddenly deceives the body to go straight forward, in the left palm rolls up the inner strength, the horizontal dial sword handle, lets the recruitment pass. Palm, right palm sinks, horizontal humerus is bumped, cut knee below, hit alvine above. This is the stunt of one move and three types in "Wild Fox Fist", which is amazing. yuan thought to himself, "Wang Jiayin's martial arts are on a par with his own. How much ability can his son have? He can't run away from this move." No. Don't know Wang Zhaoxi blue is better than blue, see his right sword a fall, crosscut oncoming force, left hand a hook, straight capture the enemy wrist, with When sent out two strokes, one attack and one defense, wonderful to the top, just the God Dayuan's unique skill cracked! Shen Dayuan was taken aback and did not dare to underestimate the enemy. With a big hand like a cattail leaf fan, his left hand pointed like a halberd, and he turned around and touched the back of his head. "Tiantu acupoint", Wang Zhaoxi heard the wind in the back of his head, a short figure, a long sword rolling into the ground, into a "black tiger curled tail" move. Directly sweep the next plate, Shen Dayuan shouted, "Good!" As soon as the body windmill turns, suddenly the fist suddenly the palm, suddenly presses the acupuncture point, moves the vicious, will Wang Zhaoxi. I can't breathe. A fierce battle between the two men only frightened the bats in the temple to fly and squeak, and the dust rolled up and flew everywhere, together with the brothers of the God family. Strange appearance, more appear Yin wind miserable, shocking. Zhuo Yihang looked at it for a while and saw that although Wang Zhaoxi's swordsmanship was very good, it was more defensive than offensive. That God Dayuan out of the palm strange, Ming Ming see he can't hit that position, but will suddenly attack, and the actual situation is elusive, Zhuo Yihang also can't see the way. Reason. After fighting for a while, Shen Dayuan attacked more and more urgently. Wang Zhaoxi narrowed his circle, and the light of his sword danced like a rainbow, protecting his body. God "Don't bother him, brother," cried Yiyuan. "Get rid of him." "Well," said Shen Dayuan, "you hit him hard. Heart. The two brothers have the same way of martial arts. When they meet strong enemies, they always fight against them together. Tonight, because Wang Zhaoxi is a junior, So out of one person, who knows with the strength of one person, although also have the upper hand, but is a long battle. As soon as Shen Yiyuan came up, Wang Zhaoxi was attacked from both sides and was surrounded by dangers. Wang Zhaoxi tried his best to support him, covering the front and blocking the back, and wanted to seize the road. God Dayuan laughed and said, "Unless the mountain God in this temple appears to save you, you can't escape." Yun palm attack, will Wang Zhaoxi was forced to retreat. Gradually move to the front of the throne. God one yuan Yun palm one split,x60 line pipe, palm wind to, God curtain flying, a wisp of green.