Zhang Zhihe did not know, at the moment Cao Jinyang while staring at the computer screen, while irritably smoking! He never thought that Liu Fei would be so crazy! To be so angry for women and children! He could not imagine that Liu Fei, who had always been gentle and wily, had such an impulsive time! He doesn't know whether he should be happy or sad now! He was happy because he believed that Liu Fei's action this time was really out of line. He ordered the military and his friends to smash all the places of Chen Liang, not to mention, but also to shoot videos and guide public opinion on the Internet. I'm afraid this kind of behavior will be very serious in the eyes of the top level! Because this is a kind of regardless of the overall situation, willful behavior, is to prevent Liu Fei in the career forward great obstacles! If Liu Fei is abandoned by the top management because of this matter, then he will be the biggest winner in this incident, regardless of the outcome of the fight with Liu Fei! Even if Liu Fei won himself in the Nanping incident, he eventually lost the score at the top and lost the qualification to compete with himself for the supreme center! If so, Cao Jinyang believes that one day he will sit on that high chair! Because Cao Jinyang in addition to Liu Fei, did not put anyone in the eyes! But Cao Jinyang also has another kind of worry, that is, Liu Fei's anger in the end how much, how many cards in his hands, Liu Fei's behavior this time, will Cao department in Hexi province's influence how much influence! Cao Jinyang, who has just been established as the core of the third generation of the Cao Department, has to consider these problems! The old man has been teaching him to take one step, look at three steps or even ten steps, the farther he thinks, the farther he will go in the future, and the higher his achievements will be! Therefore,x52 line pipe, Cao Jinyang has shown amazing talent since he was a child. Almost all the things he did were planned and then moved. Almost all of them were calculated by others, not by others! Even in Liu Fei, he has been secretly calculating Liu Fei! But Liu Fei's persistence and whim always destroyed his original foolproof plan. Later, when he played against Liu Fei, he often relied on his feelings, basically, and occasionally calculated! Because he knew that Liu Fei had a very strong sense of smell, even if the trap was buried deep, at the most critical moment, Liu Fei could detect it and jump out of the trap! Therefore, against Liu Fei, he used more means of killing by borrowing a knife, and he rarely had a direct conflict with Liu Fei! In this way, x60 line pipe ,347 stainless steel, while Liu Fei is in trouble, he can also carefully observe the rules of Liu Fei's behavior from the side, so as to sum up the way to deal with Liu Fei! Because he believed that the struggle between himself and Liu Fei was absolutely not a gain or loss in a corner of the city, but a lifelong contest, between them, or even a lifelong enemy! On the long road of life, I only need to win Liu Fei's game at the most critical moment, and I don't care about other local struggles! But at this moment, Cao Jinyang had to re-plan his struggle strategy with Liu Fei! Because at the moment, between himself and Liu Fei has been direct! Although the battlefield of this struggle is not in Dongning City, the home of two people, Cao Jinyang believes that the final result of the chain reaction caused by the collision of Liu Fei's relatives and friends is a fierce fight between himself and Liu Fei around the balance of power and personnel relations in Nanping City! But he is at a disadvantage in this fight! Because so far, Liu Fei is the biggest victim, Liu Fei will be how to move, what Liu Fei has after he simply does not know! But Cao Jinyang is not too lost and depressed at the moment! He believed that even if he saw the move, he would not lose too much to Liu Fei! What he wants is the final victory, and even in the local war of the Nanping incident, he still has a plan to kill Liu Fei, and this matter, even do not need their own hands! Borrowing a knife to kill is his favorite! However, he did not want to use this plan easily, or even said that he absolutely did not want to use it unless he had to, because he knew that this plan was too dirty, killing three thousand enemies and losing eight hundred! So, at this moment, Cao Jinyang is really indecisive! So, the ashtray in front of his computer is full of cigarette butts! The room was filled with smoke! He hasn't smoked so much for a long time! When Zhang Zhihe's phone call came in, Cao Jinyang was still meditating. When he heard the phone ringing, he connected the phone. Zhang Zhihe's voice came over. Only then did Cao Jinyang look at the phone number and say with a smile, "Oh, it's Lao Zhang!"! Why don't you go to bed so late? What's the matter with me? "Jinyang, I have something to ask you to help me think of a way ah!"! I believe you must be paying close attention to the current situation in Nanping City. Liu Ji of Dongning City has stirred up a huge wave in Nanping City. The political situation of Nanping City is precarious! Lao Cao, I know that you and Liu Fei have been fighting with him for such a long time. Only you, an old acquaintance of Liu Fei, can have the qualifications and experience to fight with him. You help me once, I owe you a favor! Zhang Zhihe flattered Cao Jinyang and put forward the terms of the deal! He will need to pay a lot of money to repay his favor in the future! But at the moment he has no other choice! If he loses in this incident, he may be defeated! Because he is not clear about what Liu Fei's last move is! But he had a premonition that when Liu Fei made his next move, it might be his own time to die! Otherwise, Mr. Tseng would not have suddenly distanced himself from himself at such a moment! As the backbone of the Tseng family's peripheral forces, if they gain a firm foothold this time, then their position in the Tseng family will rise with the tide, and if they lose,uns c68700, perhaps the Teng family will abandon them! Because what the Tseng family needs is capable people! Cao Jinyang was silent for a while, then said slowly: "I can give you a way, perhaps useful!" " 。 lksteelpipe.com