Ding Yi said, "Huan Dasima is determined to help the six surnames to become a scholar, because Cao Zhe is appreciated by the distinguished guests. Cao Zhe is certainly a talented person, and his luck is also very good. He has been successively appreciated by Huan Jianjun, Quan Changshi, Lu Shijun, the distinguished guests, and Xie Anshi. Even one of these figures can make a person worth twice as much as a single word of commendation, not to mention the praise of these superb celebrities!" Ding Chunqiu added, "Dad, Mr. Ge Zhichuan and Master Zhi Yidu." Ding Yi repeatedly nodded his head and said, "Yes, yes, Ge Zhichuan, Zhi Yudu and a monk are all great people outside the world. They also appreciate Cao Cao. Cao Cao is just like a pearl and a beautiful jade. Everyone loves him." Chen Shang said with a smile, "But for me, the Chen family of Qian Tang, to become a scholar, there is a proposal from Zhuzhou Dazhongzheng. After the sixteen younger brothers have completed their filial piety period, they will go to Jiankang and debate with the court. If they are not worthy of the name and have no real talent and learning, they will be deprived of their scholar status." Chen Shang said very easily, and did not have any worries, he now admires this 16 younger brother to the extreme, because since last May to seek to become a scholar, the road ahead is really like a fog, is to take one step at a time, but 16 younger brother did not make any mistakes, analysis, prediction is also very accurate. Ding Yi said with a smile, "These Dazhongzhengs are also child's play. Are they the kind of people who fish for fame?" When the head of the Liu clan saw that the Chen clan had become a scholar, he could not help feeling a little jealous. He thought to himself,Inflatable dry slide, "If only I, the Liu clan of Qian Tang, were a big fellow clansman. It's a pity that I'm not." "My good nephew," he said, "the Chu family can't help the Chen family now. I'm afraid they're going to catch me, the Liu family, and kill the chickens and frighten the monkeys." Chief Liu, like his son Liu Shangzhi, spoke in a funny way. "Brother Liu," said Chen Xian hurriedly, "Chen and Liu are friends of the world. They share weal and woe. What's the best plan for Cao Cao?" Chen Caozhi asked Chen Shang,Inflatable water park on lake, "Third Brother, has Sun Tai come back yet?" Chen Shang said, "Sun Tai is wandering among the rich and powerful families in the capital with Taoism. He won't be back until next month." Chen Caozhi asked again, "When will the official Cao of the Department of Genealogy and the Department of Ancestral Temple arrive at Qian Tang?" "I guess it will be next month," said Chen Shang. "I'll go to the Zheng family in Jiangzhou first, and then I'll come to Wujun." Chen Caozhi nodded his head and saw that it was already dusk. He asked Ding Yi and the others to go into the hut and sit down around the pine table. Chen Caozhi said, "Qian Tang is in the middle of the fortress. The news from the capital didn't come so soon. Even if Chu Jian learned that the six surnames had been admitted to the court, it would take several days to get it to Chu Wenqian. These few days are enough for Chu Wenqian to be a county magistrate. Chu Wenqin was appointed by his uncle Chu Chu Wenqian's dereliction of duty, Chu Jian can not escape its responsibility, if the plan is good, Qian Tang Chu Shi can stop from now on. Ding Yi narrowed his eyes and asked, "What's the best plan for Cao Cao?" Chen Caozhi said, "In the past, Shan Ya, the grandson of Shan Tao, one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest, was the commander of Yuyao. He served as a powerful governor for many times. Eighty days after he took office, he found out that there were nearly ten thousand hermits. These were all searched out from the manors of the second-class gentry and the poor common people. Shan Ya also wanted to expand his achievements and began to search the Yu family with four surnames, Yu, Wei, Kong and He. Yu Xi, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable outdoor park, But what was the result? Shan Ya was dismissed from office. Yu Xi was not harmed at all, and his reputation was still the same. He repeatedly refused to be recruited by the imperial court and devoted himself to being his superior scholar. Shan Ya was not selfish in governing, but he was too upright, and he was dismissed from office. What's more, Chu's uncle and nephew used public office for personal gain. Chu was invincible, and when would he wait? Chief Ding Yi, Chief Chen Xian, and Chief Liu nodded their heads repeatedly, only to hear Chen Caozhi say, "I asked Lai Fu to pay attention to the affairs of the county. It is said that Chu Wenqian expanded the county government office and decorated the living room as soon as he took office. This house of the county government office is also customized. It's not that the new county magistrate came to power and said it would be built. Uncle Ding knows about this." Ding Yi said, "The county residence office is built every ten years, and it can only be renovated on weekdays. The Qian Tang county residence is far less than ten years old. Last year, the Lu family was investigated and punished for the crime of falsely annotating the status of a scholar. Didn't they lose more than two million yuan? After Chu Wenqian took over as the county magistrate, he used the two million yuan to expand the county residence. But this is not a big crime. After all, it was used for the official office." Chen Caozhi said, "What I want is this opportunity. As long as I am willing to investigate, Chu Wenqian will not only expand the government office.". ” Ding Yi secretly nodded, Chen Caozhi only seventeen years old, but wily, and sophisticated, yes, is to borrow the expansion of the county government to find out Chu Wenqian other perverting the law, the Lu Zhubu who was killed by Chen Liu said what also can't get rid of the Chu family, last year was covered up by Chu Jian in the past, this time he pulled out, let Chu family and Lu family do difficult brothers and sisters. Ding different, Liu clan chief accompanied by Chen Xian to Chen Jiawu dinner, that night in Chen Jiawu rest, before Ding different is never willing to spend the night in Chen Xiawu, although allow Ding Youwei return to the west floor Chen Shi, and personally held a memorial ceremony for Chen's mother Li Shi, but in Ding different heart, still have a feeling higher than Chen Shi, he is condescending, but now, Qian Tang Chen Shi also The eight surnames of Qian Tang became the nine surnames of Qian Tang, and with Chen Caozhi's talent, learning, and prestige, he went to Jiankang two years later. After his fame was greatly boosted, he entered Xifu again, and he was sure to be put in an important position by Huan Wen. At that time, the Ding family was indeed honored. When he married Chen Qingzhi when he was young, it might become a high climb. Things are hard to predict. Because he wanted to deceive the Chu family, Chen Xian did not announce this important good news to the clansmen. It was not too late to announce it to the clansmen when the Chu family and the Beijing officials came to distribute the official fields. But Chen Xian was so happy that he recited in his mouth when he was alone in a trance: "There is Jiayu in the south, but it is covered.". Gentlemen have wine, and guests are happy with swallows. Pianqian, then to think. Gentlemen have wine, and guests have swallows and thoughts. This is the old patriarch Chen Xian's favorite poem, full of distinguished guests, simple guests and hosts, the fish in the pond gently swing their fins and tails, come and go, happy and contented, the guests gathered in the hall, a large banquet, during which they drank and laughed. …… Chen Shang did not return to Chenjiawu with his father Chen Xian, and he stayed alone to have a secret talk with his sixteen younger brothers. In the hut, a green oil lamp was lit, the light was yellow, and the smell of wild vegetation drifted in with the evening breeze, which made people intoxicated. The brothers in the clan smiled at each other. "Sixteen younger brothers," said Chen Shang, "according to your instructions, I have given Xie Xuan a Volume of Ice and Snow Essays and Ming Sheng Hu Lun Xuan Ji to Master Xie Xuan. Master Xie was very happy. But when Brother Yu asked about Master Xie's cousin, Master Zhu,inflatable amusement park, Master Xie looked unhappy. I don't know why." Chen Caozhi asked, "Third Brother, haven't you seen Mr. Zhu this time?" 。 joyshineinflatables.com