Whoosh! With one foot on the ground, Zhong Baichuan dodged back to the door and looked around in horror. But in the room, there was nothing else except several monks of the Zhong family. Suddenly, a chill went straight from the soles of Zhong Baichuan's feet to his forehead. Where are the rats? Come out and see them! Zhong Baichuan's face was very ugly, and he snapped around him, but in response to him, it was still the sweet laughter. In the empty room, the laughter lingered, and the chill hit everyone's heart like the tide. While Zhong Baichuan was watching around warily, suddenly a Zhong monk behind him pointed to the girl's stone statue in front of him in a trembling voice and said, "Home.." Master of the house, voice.. The sound seems to come from there! Following the direction of the finger, Zhong Baichuan fixed his eyes on it and saw the little girl's stone statue. At some point, his eyes had opened and he was looking at the crowd with a smile, while the corners of her mouth, made of black stone, were turning up slightly, as if they were just exciting toys in her eyes. Air, instant change of solidification, Zhong Baichuan life has seen numerous storms, but such a strange scene, or the first time to see, the heart can not help but some panic. However, Zhong Baichuan, after all, is a famous figure for a long time, but also the head of the Zhong family, the heart of fear swept away,Inflatable indoor park, with a shout of anger, a flash of divine light in his hand, the whole person has flown to the girl's stone statue. See Zhong Baichuan right hand into a palm, mixed with a strong aura, mercilessly toward the top of the girl's head, and the left hand into a claw, grasping the bronze lamp in the girl's hand. Zhong Baichuan's speed is extremely fast, lightning has come to the front of the girl's stone statue, powerful spiritual pressure on Zhong Baichuan's body suddenly erupted, making the whole room full of palpitating terror energy. But Everything is not as beautiful as imagined,inflatable water slide, in Zhong Baichuan's big hand, Ma Shan patted the girl's head, the original silent stone statue of the girl, suddenly moved. Suddenly, before Zhong Baichuan could see what the little girl had done, an indescribable force hit Zhong Baichuan's chest in an instant. Dali came, Zhong Baichuan only felt as if he had been hit by a giant hammer of ten thousand jins, and the bones of his whole body were about to break. With a bang, he flew straight out like a cannonball and hit the corner hard. Poof! A stream of blood went straight to his throat, and Zhong Baichuan felt sweet in his mouth, and a mouthful of blood gushed out. However, let him unexpected things did not end, only to see the little girl who was originally a stone statue, the black stone on her body actually slowly dissipated, delimited a little bit of black awn, dissipated in the air. After a while, the black stone on the girl's body disappeared and turned into a lovely child of seven or eight years old, and in her hands, she gently held the bronze ancient lamp that kept changing the flame! The next thing, Zhong Baichuan will never forget, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable water park factory, I saw the little girl smiling at the Zhong family monk, casually stretched out his white and tender little hand, gently to a monk, the flame on the bronze ancient lamp instantly soared, changing different colors, after a few short breaths, the flame was fierce, a touch of dark green fire was fixed on the ancient lamp, emitting a gloomy color. Cluck. You are so unlucky that it is a disease! The little girl smiled innocently and was a childish child, but as her voice sounded, the friar actually roared and fell to the ground, his body kept rolling, his whole body suddenly gave birth to numerous pimples, and then these pimples quickly enlarged, for a time bloody, a large number of black sticky blood flowed out of his body, and the skin on his body kept festering. It looks disgusting! The roar of the friar resounded through the room, and everyone stared blankly at the man who had been so vigorous one second before, only to feel his scalp tingling and the blood of his whole body coagulating. Next, the girl ordered two monks, the results do not know whether the two monks are unlucky, or the little girl deliberately, anyway, both died tragically. Seeing this scene, they could no longer bear the horror of the scene in front of them. They turned to the little girl, but the little girl just smiled, waved the ancient bronze lamp, waved to the crowd, and a dazzling light flashed. In an instant, all the monks of the Zhong family, out of Zhong Baichuan, turned into black stone statues. Zhong Baichuan collapsed on the ground, grew up his mouth, looked at everything in front of him in astonishment, his brain was blank, but the little girl sweetly walked to his side and said with a smile: "You are very lucky, oh, the three opportunities of the nine-turn seven-star lamp have been exhausted!" After saying this, the little girl waved the ancient lamp in her hand and threw it at Zhong Baichuan, who was as stupefied as a wooden chicken. But at that moment, an old and distant voice suddenly sounded: "Let him go. There are still people waiting to see him!" I don't know where the voice came from, the little girl beeped her mouth, looking very reluctant, but finally stared at Zhong Baichuan, and then turned into a black girl's stone statue again. If I feel that Xiaofan's writing is not bad, I hope you can vote for some red flowers! 3q~3q! Volume I 166. Ancient Temple 166. Ancient Temple Zhong Baichuan's voice was hoarse and deep, as if pulling people's thoughts into the unknown ancient temple. A trace of chill, for no reason in the hearts of all people, in the little girl into a child stone is the moment, even a few people can feel, through the countless time and space, the little girl's face that touch of a strange smile. You You mean, a voice stopped the little girl? He He said someone wants to see you. Who is that person? Tianyan, who had always been bold, could not help swallowing saliva at the moment and asked. Hey ~! But hearing Tianyan's words, Zhong Baichuan shook his head, sighed and whispered: "In fact, this problem has been bothering me all the time. I don't understand why she wanted to kill me at that time. Who was the person who wanted to see me?" Several people fell into silence again, all thoughts were attracted by Zhong Baichuan's story, but no one found that when Zhong Baichuan told the story, the silver thunder all over the sky had slowly disappeared,Inflatable indoor park, a dark ancient temple was standing quietly in the valley, like a shadow hidden in the dark, quietly watching the crowd. God. Oh my God! Look! 。 joyshineinflatables.com