"So that is to say, the dragon vein stone may appear a very huge phenomenon?" After he Yuzhu asked in reply, he pointed to the huge altar in front of him and said, "If I'm not wrong, this'altar 'may be a very huge dragon vein stone." Then she remembered the reaction of her power to the past moment, and she was a little scared. Fortunately, she just wanted to test it with her power, and did not try to build a chart, otherwise she might have been sucked dry now. Originally, she thought that she could build a scaly dragon vein stone and some dragon vein wood, which was the effect of ginkgo and the moonlight night practice, but now she thinks that maybe it's just that these two kinds of dragon vein stones contain less dragon vein energy than the original fire stick-like dragon vein stones and today's array bases. "What?"? Such a big piece? "How did Yun Chaozong get it in?" "No wonder you have to use the bones of ten thousand animals to suppress the power of the dragon vein. If it's really such a big piece, the power of the dragon vein inside will be so great. It's estimated that it may be greater than the total amount of power that the young Lord has absorbed so far." Hearing this, the three of them, who did not know what Yuzhu was afraid of, said in unison. Just now the amount of dragon vein stone in those array bases was so small, but now it suddenly increased so much, and when it came in, it was still sealed with poisonous fog, and there were map-like figures at some passages. Mai Jiakang listened to Mr. Xu's last words. In many years of battlefield life, there are also some survival wisdom and experience that make him take a deep breath: "It's like those in the front who want to relax their vigilance and set up a killing trap in the back."! Do you think there will be a bigger crisis ambush here? His few words do not instruct Mr. Xu to change color, even he Yuzhu can not help but be stupefied, just to praise Mai Jiakang! "Clang." Several people suddenly heard a loud clatter inside the black iron coffin, as if some kind of creature in the coffin had awakened and was struggling to get out of trouble inside. Even the heavy iron chain hanging the black iron coffin was shaking with it, and it developed from a gentle swing to a violent shaking. Seeing this, Mr. Xu was pale and forced to control his facial expression, but he still showed some ugly color and said, "It seems that there won't be bones in the black iron coffin this time." "Young Lord, young Lord's wife, let your subordinates climb up and have a look." yuan Biru's voice trembled slightly. No way "It looks too dangerous up there." Hearing this, He Yuzhu and Mai Jiakang immediately shook their heads together and refused. He Yuzhu suddenly threw a cutting knife to each of Mr. Xu and yuan Biru, saying, "It's really a bad comer. Let's get ready to fight!"! There are two black and white buttons on the handle of the cutting knife. Press the black button to open the blade, Jumping castle with slide , and slide the white button to adjust the length of the blade. Hello! Do you both have kung fu? Say first if you want to protect it. "What?" "Do you have more than two of these magic weapons?" Hearing this, they caught the cutting knife in a hurry and were attracted by its powerful power in the hands of Mai Jiakang. They were distracted for a moment and had no time to answer He Yuzhu's question. They just opened the cutting blade and the length of the blade according to what He Yuzhu said. Suddenly there was an unusual sound of brushing around them, and the black iron coffins above them shook more violently. What was more shocking was that in addition to the six black iron coffins in front of them, they could hear similar sounds faintly in other places. The sound made He Yuzhu, who was already alert because of the unusual sound, have a bad guess. "Tut!" He said! Will Yun Chaozong be too cruel? Instead of arranging the nine array bases separately, the cloth of the nine array bases was made in the same huge cave, and a lot of tricks were set up. It seems that there will be trouble. "The key is that any trap on the battlefield must have a trigger key, but when we came in, we didn't do anything to the altar, the array and the black iron coffin, and they reacted on their own. Could it be that our voices awakened them?" Hearing the unusual sound of the brush getting closer and closer, Mai Jiakangming knew that he Yuzhu had extraordinary skills and still blocked her behind him. This almost instinctive action made He Yuzhu feel a little warm in his heart. There was a little Mimi who was moved. Unfortunately, without waiting for her to deeply understand the rare feeling in life, the existence of the abnormal sound of brushing revealed its true face in front of several people, which made four people gasp together: "Hiss!"! These Is it a snake? "But it's the first time I've seen such a dry and ugly snake." yuan Biru endured the impulse to soothe her goose bumps. It seems that there are a lot of them! Eh! I understood that the previous grey and black poisonous fog was not prepared by Yunchao Zong in a special way before sealing the cave, but was formed by these snakes breathing in a sealed environment for many years. The blind snake and the corpse beast "And the way we open the rock wall and absorb the toxins they spit out is the reason why we disturb them, or even disturb them, and awaken the unknown species in the iron coffin!" Seeing this, he Yuzhu suddenly said. Originally appeared in the public field of vision, unexpectedly with the illumination of the lamp, can not illuminate the margin, large and small, long and short, thick and thin, looks like countless black color, scale body shape dry. There were no eyes, only a strange snake that kept spitting out a letter, accompanied by a small stream of gray and black mist, and was rapidly attacking their location. Damn Yun Chaozong! Looking at the extremely fast snakes ambushed on all sides, Mr. Xu could not help cursing angrily. He said to Mai Jiakang and He Yuzhu, "Don't worry about how to disturb them first. Now they are coming right away. Young Lord, young Lord's wife, your subordinates and Bi Ru are broken. You two should withdraw quickly." "What are you panicking about? It's just a bunch of blind snakes." He Yuzhu looked at him in a death-defying tone and said some of the lines that some characters had said before their heroic sacrifices at certain moments. He glanced at him in surprise and thought to himself that these snakes, regardless of their size or number, were far worse than all kinds of insect plagues after the end of the world. What was so terrible about their size and number? When Mai Jiakang heard this,inflatable amusement park, his eyes lit up and he immediately asked He Yuzhu, "Yuzhu, do you have a way to deal with them?"? How to do it? Or use the hypnotic gas last time? 。 joyshineinflatables.com