Xiahou Lv said "Although he died at my hands I am concerned about the friendship of my fellow disciples and I am worried that he will be buried in a barren mountain and be too lonely" Lonely headmaster Yang the suzerain of a school the most appropriate is not the meaning of the old man is to bend to stay three for my younger martial brother to accompany Burial man! The tone of his words was gloomy but it was very common to say that he did not take the three Kongtong masters seriously at all! Leng Qiushuang girl hid behind the stone could not help but "silk" laugh out loud Xiahou law how sensitive ears and eyes turn back Yin hey one Sound straight frightened cold girl hurriedly pursed cherry lips Baiyi Kongtong Yang Kaiyuan listened to Xiahou Lv's words his wooden face can not help but faint anger but he is one Although the leader of the faction was angry and had a high fever he remained calm because the other party was just a nobody But beside him two younger martial brothers but at the same time dry hey one left and one right toward Xiahou law two pale faces wood No expression can not see the color of anger! I saw two yellow gown swing with the wind showing a gloomy calm has been Energy forced to the front of Xiahou law five feet only one Qi stopped his figure Do not make a sound left a left hand shout of a palm toward Xiahou law split out right-right palm at the same time a Yang also shout of split Give me a hand! Xiahou law to see the two people's behavior as if the exchange of voice in general the line is the same stop is the same stop gestures God The state is not different the heart also can not help but be stunned Yin laughed "Why don't you go together" Said in the mouth both hands one point upward micro hold a move "June double hang" hard to meet two people hit the potential You should know that the two Younger Martial Brothers Yang Kaiyuan of Kongtong in White Clothes were originally a pair of twin brothers of the Hui people surnamed Xiao at the foot of Kongtong Mountain Tong with the same expression the master of Kongtong in white took them under his door and passed on the art of fighting together He had never been to Kongtong for decades One step Thirty years ago Yang Kaiyuan failed to win a place at the Taishan Meeting He returned to Kongtong and worked hard This time he re-entered Jianghu Xin wanted to compete in the martial arts world so he brought the two Younger Martial Brothers into the Central Plains together The brothers surnamed Xiao whose first name was Zuo and second name was You were originally the names given to them by the master of Kongtong in white but because they looked like First outsiders could not distinguish clearly so they were collectively called "Kongtong Erxiao" Their manner line originally fusion as one coupled with decades of hard training to join hands in the art of fighting poor work change fire Hou Jingchun at this time once shot attack and attack together not only like the wind and thunder but also interactive offensive and defensive action coordination such as a person Just think a person only has two hands and two feet now more than double both can be divided and can be combined the power of the fierce really can not Lumby! Xiahou Lv is a master of martial arts He comes from the Demon Sect of the Western Regions China Manufacturers Especially in the past 20 years he has practiced the martial arts recorded in the Yin Demon Sutra Enough to be invincible in the world Who knows and Kongtong two Xiao Li fight more than 30 strokes the other two not only are not defeated at all but also the offensive is continuous more and more stable! In the heart both surprised and angry is waiting for the collection of internal strength full counterattack! Suddenly I heard the two Xiao in Kongtong singing in unison their figures flashed their palms suddenly changed and I felt them flying all over the sky with a sound The place where the palm wind points to attack is the fatal point that the human body must be saved! In a moment Xiahou law was two strange fight art forced step by step back empty a martial arts unexpectedly can't cast Show! Baiyi Kongtong Yang Kaiyuan did not seem to have thought that the two younger martial brothers' achievements in martial arts were still above their own with a wooden face In fact can not help but reveal the face of surprise All the people behind the invisible stone were also concentrating on the field Just at this time only listen to Xiahou law shout loudly arms circle a move "double dragon out of the water" forced open two people palm potential shake wrist One finger one point to the right side! What he used was the most powerful unique Yin skill in the Western Regions Demon Sect "Penetrating Yin Finger" which is not only powerful and miraculous but also can be used freely Heart once used no one can dodge But see the right side of the stuffy hum the body should point to fly up fell ten feet away! Xiahou law mouth issued a gloomy sneer not the left side of the fight back the second luck line work "through the bone Yin finger" then point Out the left side of that is indeed a stuffy hum one after another fly out! This is really fast as lightning Xiahou law even hurt two people a face of grim smile suddenly step forward toward the white Kongtong body in front of the force "Kongtong's martial arts are nothing more than that" he said sadly "My words are like a mountain I want the three of you to be buried with me Is that true" Baiyi Kongtong Yang Kaiyuan saw the two Younger Martial Brothers and in an instant they were all injured under each other's fingers His heart was filled with grief and indignation and Environment he was furious Suddenly he quickly withdrew his sword from his back and shouted "Yang and you have fought together!" As soon as the wrist vibrates the sword flower is scattered resounds a burst of dragon to sing the sound is waiting to wield the wrist to stab! Suddenly he heard a low hum Looking back he saw that the two Younger Martial Brothers had already sat up from the ground and closed their eyes Xiahou law can't think of each other two people unexpectedly can withstand their own "through the bone Yin finger" struggling to hit the well is not dead heart The head can not help but be shocked the body involuntarily stepped back two steps Bai Yi Kong Tong saw that the two Younger Martial Brothers were exercising and breathing For a moment he was afraid that Xiahou Lv would take advantage of the gap again but he didn't dare to be careless Jiong Jiong just standing across the sword Just when one was surprised and uncertain and the other was alert behind Xiahou Lv someone suddenly laughed and said "Penetrating the Yin Finger" yuan "It's nothing more than that!" Hearing this Xiahou Lv was startled He turned his head and looked back only to see that behind him he did not know when there would be a young man in a sky-blue gown Year the sword eyebrow slants to pick the face congeals the evil spirit awe-inspiring but stands! That's Lu Hanfei from Nanyue! Xiahou laughed and said disdainfully "Boy it's you!" Lu Hanfei's eyes shone and he answered in a deep voice "Yes I've been waiting here for a long time" Speaking of which Chao Baiyi Kongtong arched his hand and said "This evil thief is implacable with my teacher Can Headmaster Yang make way for a few feet" Baiyi Kongtong was originally a very scheming person When he saw Lu Hanfei appear here he expected that there would never be only Nanyue on the top of the mountain A man under the door At present two handsome younger brothers the body is seriously injured oneself ask oneself also may not be able to win the other side just push the boat along let them The two sides will lose both sides trade-global.com