Due to data miners, a potentially huge animal crossing could have just been leaked: New Horizons Island Expansion Update. According to reports, by digging through game files, people found various interesting tidbits concerning the game and what Nintendo is doing for this. You can Cheap Buy Animal Crossing Bells at acbellsbuy.com to exchange the specific you want.

Since the making of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch not too long ago, Nintendo is constantly updating it, high are a lot of time intervals between larger additions. Nintendo is notorious for the poor quality support following the game premiered, but because the game has sold greater than 30 million copies, it is led a lot of people to believe that it's going to make very in New Horizons.

According to reports, data miners discovered by digging through files how the size on the southern distinctive line of the island has doubled, at the least in the game code. There could be multiple explanations due to this, though the most obvious explanation is the fact some type of map expansion is underway, as well as another island, will probably be added. In addition, the game's camera inside the file also has changed, which indicates which a camera transformation is on its way, or, much more likely, new capabilities and possible angles are now being added.

Unfortunately, currently, all we have now is speculation. Although the overall game files indicate that something is originating, like the possibility of a different island or perhaps an extension of your existing island, that's the things they did. 

This is not a confirmation of a large number of new updates to the game and the completion of the island expansion. You can Cheap Buy ACNH Items if you don't have enough. Generally, data mining leaks are a reliable source of information, but the meaning and conclusions of these documents may be misleading. 

Currently, Nintendo has never made any comments about this. This is to become expected. However, if for reasons unknown Nintendo disagrees with expectations and comments on any with the above information and speculations, we're going to update this content of the story.