Hover surfboards, platypus-like flying creatures, and Vin Diesel falling out of the wet cabin-I still don't fully understand the Ark: Survival Evolved, but I can't deny that its new expansion piqued my interest. https://www.arkrex.com/ is a store that providing Buy ARK Wyvern, many players choose it. Now, Ark: Genesis Part 2 invites players to jump into the final chapter of the game and play through the storyline that will lead to its sequel. Oh, David Tennant was among them.

The Ark: Genesis Part 2 takes the player to a new world with new tasks to complete, as well as new awesome and frightening wild animals to be discovered. The awesome thing is the very good flying platypus you can ride on its back, and the scary thing is a small alien creature that will grab your head and force you to kill your friends. 

All this seems to be a rather dramatic conclusion. Players have to face the big villain in the game, Sir Edmund Rockwell, made famous by David Tennant dubbing.

There will be at least some Vin Diesel grunts in the second part of Genesis. This ending links the game between Survival Evolved and its sequel, which seems to be starring Mr. Diesel, who looked a bit like God of War-style father in last year's Game Awards trailer. Most new players like to buy Cheap ARK Items. He is also a member of the Studio Wildcard development team; his official title is President of creative convergence.

Genesis Part 2 is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As part of the Genesis Season Pass, you can also access Part 1. Now it has a 15% discount and is priced at 24 GBP/26 EUR/30 USD.