Follow the following template for PTE Describe image bar graphs: introduction, 2 to 3 sentences in the body, and a conclusion providing a summary or prediction. In this PTE Describe image template, the introduction should be like this: The bar graph represents the title of the graph, In the body, make 2 to 3 points about the minimum, maximum, and so on. The PTE Describe Image Line graphs are similar to Bar graphs in terms of how we provide our responses. Again, you need to provide an introduction to the graph. You should use the information provided in the title and the labels of the graph legends. PTE Describe Image pie charts are graphs that show overall composition out of 100%, and will always have a legend with colours to indicate what colours are used for which items.

PTE Describe Image Double bar graphs are basically bar graphs with two or more series or categories for the same parameters, and will always have a legend with colours highlighting the categories. PTE multiple graphs can be any combination of the two types of graphs/ images discussed here, or it could also be two graphs of the same type. PTE Describe Image does not have fixed criteria for this, your introduction should combine both graphs, likewise, the body should include key features and trends from both (one by one), but you cannot cover all aspects. Don't worry about including all the details from both graphs, as it's not possible to do so in 40 seconds, and the PTE Describe image task does not expect you to do that. Finally, for the conclusion, you may choose to combine or sum up one graph.

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