It's important to use voice modulation when answering the PTE Retell Lecture, which means you need to sound like a native English speaker. You need to convey good rhythm or intonation in your voice in order to sound natural. By learning how the PTE Retell lecture template is scored, we'll take a look at how to solve this question type using our templates and strategies. When you follow the steps outlined here for the PTE Retell lecture, you will not only improve your preparation for the exam, but will also guarantee that you get a high score. The perfect strategy can be divided into three parts: pre-audio, during and after audio.

There is only 3 seconds left before the audio of the PTE Retell lecture begins. You can use this time to look at the given image, and anticipate the vocabulary you will hear. This will give you an idea of what you should expect to hear when the recording begins. The third step is preparation, which means that you need to think very quickly and prepare yourself for what you might hear. Then, you can use one of our freely available Retell Lecture templates to formulate your response.