The new PTE exam format will continue to contain the same kind of questions, meaning that the difficulty level remains the same, along with the same number of parts and sub-sections as in the previous PTE academic format. The PTE exam format does not differ in the number of tasks you have to prepare, or the score requirements you have to meet. In other words, universities and immigration bodies around the world still accept PTE scores. Last but not least, Pearson's improvements won't affect the difficulty level of the PTE test format. If you find a decrease in the amount of tasks under the updated format, you can say the difficulty level has decreased.

As a conclusion, I would say that these changes in PTE exam format are beneficial for both test takers and Edutrainex. Hence, since the PTE exam format changes have been explained above, you will need a slightly changed strategy to prepare. It doesn't stop there, you will also be able to get feedback and in-depth analysis of your PTE tests from the PTE experts who have a proven track record. So, get feedback and analyze your tests to improve your performance, and you will eventually succeed!