The smooth and soft skin on your feet is a sign of self-love as a well-groomed face and healthy hair. Particular attention should be paid to the feet because it is one of the body's driest and most problematic areas. It is better to take care of your feet in several stages.

Daily cleansing

It is important to wash your feet well and wipe them dry so you do not break the skin's microflora. If you have severe dryness, you can do a peeling once a week.

Scrub with crushed apricot kernels combined with an herbal or salt bath, followed by applying a mask.

Moisturize and nourish

To keep your heels smooth, apply a moisturizer (in summer) or nourishing cream (in winter) to your feet after washing. The same goes for skin care on the shins and thighs - this area is also prone to cracked skin, so daily moisturizing and nourishing will come in handy.

Foot massage

While applying foot cream, give your feet and shins a light massage. This will help to activate blood circulation and provide oxygen access to the skin cells. In general, massage - is a great procedure against fatigue and for tone.

How to get rid of dry shins

Dry skin on the shins is often due to insufficient moisture, especially after the depilation procedure. Make it a rule to regularly treat your skin with a moisturizing or nourishing body cream, and after hair removal, do not forget to apply cosmetic oil.

How to get rid of dry feet

Apply the cream to keep your feet in perfect condition after water procedures and a visit to the pool or shower at the fitness club. Any cream with a moisturizing effect will do if you do not have a special product for the feet.


The main rule when caring for the feet is acting without fanaticism. What do we mean? Of course, the heel treatment is the most problematic area on the feet.

You should not use a file abrasive or pumice stone more than once every two weeks. Otherwise, the protective barrier of the skin will be damaged.
Treat the heels only in areas of severe roughness and only after steaming.
The movements should not be too strong - otherwise, you will get micro-traumas.