Face washes are used to cleanse, moisturize, and soothe the skin. A good face wash may have a creamy texture, milky texture, gel-like consistency, or be watery. A natural face wash is designed to deeply clean your pores. It can be foamy or foamy when applied to damp skin.

Face Wash for Combination Skin, Oily Skin, and Dry Skin

COSSOUQ offers Natural and Organic Face wash for Oily Skin Types, Mature, Acne Prone, Dry and Dehydrated Skin. All of our Face Washes contain premium essential oils like rose, tea tree, lavender, and many other ingredients to meet all your skincare needs.

Each skin type has unique challenges, and our Natural Cosmetic Products have been designed to address them. The quality of the face wash you use is crucial to maintaining youthful skin. You should use your face wash twice a day: once in the morning and once before you go to bed. If your face is exposed, make sure to wash it immediately. Good face washes should be gentle on the skin and not contain harsh chemicals such as parabens or sulfates. They should also not strip the skin of its natural oils.

Before purchasing any product, it is a good idea to read the label underneath. All cancer-causing chemicals in a face wash must be listed on every label. For long-term health, avoiding commercial and chemical face washes is essential. Always choose Natural beauty products.

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What is a face wash?

Your skincare routine should include a thorough cleansing of your face. Cleansing your skin helps to remove oil, makeup, dirt, and other harmful substances. It cleans your pores and allows them to breathe. You can also use it to prepare your skin for makeup or face moisturizer. Different skin types are different. Each skin type has its own needs. We can give you an overview of all the available skin care products, so you are clear about your skin's needs.

Dr. Diane Madfes, Garnier consultant dermatologist, says that cleaners are products that remove average accumulations of dirt, oils, makeup, sunscreen, remaining pollution, and dead skin cells. They help unclog pores and exfoliate the top skin cells. They clean the skin without stripping the top layer.

How and how often should you wash your face?

Finding the best facial cleanser for your skin type is essential to get the perfect clean. There are many ways to use a cleanser. There are many cleansers available, from water-like to thick creamy. Some cleansers must be rinsed, while others can only be used with a cotton pad.

You should clean your face twice daily: once in the morning and once before bed.

The combination of night sweating and the release of sebum from our pores can cause the skin to become shiny or unclean. We should remove excess oil, sweat, and sweat from our skin before we start the day. Evening cleansing can remove any makeup, oil, and dirt accumulated over the day. Make sure to clean your skin of any residue or dirt before bed. This will allow your skin to breathe and regenerate over the night. Dr. Madfes suggests washing your skin with "lukewarm" water in a circular motion. Start at the center of your face and work outwards.


The skin's pH ranges from 4.5 to 6.5. There is an interaction between the cleanser, your skin's moisture barrier, and the skin pH when you clean your skin. Some soaps contain harsh surfactants, which can alter the skin's pH and cause skin irritation. Cream, foam, and soap-free gel face washes have been formulated to be just as effective but gentler. They cause less disruption to the skin's skin barrier and minimal changes to skin pH.

When should you wash your face? 

People should wash their faces twice daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. But, you should also wash your face each night. Natural oils and sweat can build up on your skin during the day. Your skin is also vulnerable to environmental stressors. These irritants can lead to inflammation and even skin cancer if you don't remove them at the end. It is essential to wash your face with the best moisturizer for glowing skin before you go to bed every night.

Many people find washing their faces in the morning a good idea. You can quickly transfer bacteria from your pillow, hair, saliva, and pillow to your eyes and skin by tossing and turning in the night. Even if you wash your skin at night, it is best to clean your face in the morning. You should also wash your face after applying serums, moisturizers, or other skin products before bed.


Most cosmetic and environmental ingredients our skin comes into contact with are water-soluble. This means that water alone is not enough to wash them off. Face washes can remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, but they should not cause irritation or damage to the skin.

It's essential to wash your skin in the morning to get rid of any toxins absorbed by your skin over the night.

Use a face wash regularly for the benefits.

  • Daily use of the proper face wash can make a big difference in your skin's appearance and health. 
  • For smoother, healthier skin, get rid of any buildup.
  • For a natural glow, remove dead and dry skin cells.
  • Glowing skin stimulates blood circulation and increases blood flow.
  • You can make your skin look younger and fight signs of aging.
  • Your other skin care products should be able to penetrate the skin properly.

India's Top Face Wash Brands

  • Mirah Belle Tea Tree Facial Wash
  • Mamaearth Aqua Glow
  • Lakme Blush and Glow
  • Mirah Belle Rose Face Wash
  • Mcaffeine Cappuccino Coffee Foaming Face Wash
  • Pond's Pure White
  • Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Facial Wash
  • Mirah Belle Sweet Orange Face Wash
  • VLCC Mandarin & Tomato Natural Fairness Facial Wash
  • Everyuth Naturals Radiant fairness Saffron Facial Wash
  • Mirah Belle Neroli Face Wash Scrub
  • Clear and clean Fairness Face Wash
  • Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness Facial Wash
  • Mirah Belle Lavender Sensitive Skin Face Wash
  • Himalaya Neem Purifying Face Wash

How to choose the best face wash

She added, "The purpose and function of a cleanser is to remove dirt and particles. So focus on that and let your serums, oils, and other treatments do the rest."

Dry skin

Dry skin can be characterized by red, irritated and irritated skin. This is usually due to the skin's protective barrier being compromised. Dr. Mittal recommends a non-foaming, milky face wash formulation for dry skin. It should include hydrating agents like hyaluronic and aloe vera extract. 

Combination skin

If you have combination skin, your T-zone (i.e., the forehead and nose) is likely to be oily. Dry cheeks. Precise, gentle, and gel-like face washes are the best. A mild chemical exfoliant such as AHAs and BHAs is your best face wash.

Oily skin

For your skin type, a foaming face wash is best. Dr. Mittal suggests it should contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, AHA, or even Benzoyl Peroxide. Oily skin types should wash their faces twice. However, those who have oily skin must do double-cleansing at night. Double cleansing is a method of cleansing twice.