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What is the citation type of the American Chemical Society?

The American Chemical Society developed the ACS style for academic writing in chemistry. Both numbered, and author-date schemes are used in the ACS style. Learn how to generate citations in ACS below, or use the free citation generator to get started right away, even if you have no prior knowledge of the citation style.

How do I cite in the ACS format?

There are three ways to cite references in the ACS citations:

  1. If the citation refers to an entire sentence or clause, superscript numbers appear beyond the punctuation.
  2. On the line of text and inside the punctuation, italic numbers in parentheses.
  3. Within the punctuation, but the author's name and the year of publication in parentheses.

The author's name can be included in the sentence Buy Assignment in all three systems. In this case, only the year should be in parentheses in the author-date scheme.

In ACS, how do I make a reference list?

If cited by number, the reference list appears at the end of the buy research papers in numerical order; if cited by author-date, the reference list appears in alphabetical order. A reference list must include the following information:

  1. Author titles, abbreviated journal title, year of publication, volume number, and the first page of a cited article must all be included in journal references.
  2. Author or editor titles, book title, publisher, city of publication, and year of publication must all be included in book references.
  3. For content other than books and journals, enough detail must be given to identify essay writerand locate the source. 

The end of a reference in a list is always a time. Just use the writers' given names' initials, with full stops and spaces between the initials. The last name is mentioned first. In a reference citation, include the names of all Assignment Expert authors. Semicolons can be used to differentiate the names of different authors.

On the bottom line…

To generate the quickest and most reliable ACS citations, use our ACS Citation Machine or ACS Citation Maker. If you want to learn more about ACS citations, check out our citation guides for more information on the different types of publications.

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