Many people deliberately write some resistance butt welding machines as weld data loggers to confuse the audience, to show that the price is low, so that it is easier to get orders, and they also play tricks on the transformer and use aluminum instead of copper. Although the power cannot be distinguished, the welding parameters can be Divided, such as the thickness of continuous welding and the amount of N on the air pressure, on the cylinder, etc., and it came out after a comparison.

How much power does the weld data logger have?

1) There is a low power of 50kva or 50kw, and the welding is relatively thin and small workpieces

2) There are 75kva, 100kva or 75kw, 100kw, welding slightly thicker and larger workpieces

3) 160kva is 160kw, which can weld relatively thick and large workpieces

4) 250kva is 250kw, which can weld very thick and large workpieces.

weld data logger