How to Link a Canon Printer to a Laptop

You've found the ideal spot to learn how to connect laptop to canon printer. Whether wifi or wired, after reading this blog, you will know what to do. As a printer owner, you may simply perform important duties from your own home or for personal use. One of the best printers on the market is a Canon printer. Canon printers are widely utilized, with millions of users worldwide. Canon printers are available in a variety of configurations. The Canon printer can print from a variety of devices, including cellphones and computers. To use these functionalities, you must first connect Canon printers to laptops.

Knowing how to connect a Canon printer through USB simplifies the process for professional work or a high school presentation. After connecting, you can print documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

How Do I Install A Canon Printer On A Laptop?

While Canon is recognized for its wide range of printers, including the Pixma mx490, g3000, mx922, mx472, and LBP 2900, the technique for connecting Canon printers to laptops is almost identical. Follow the steps below to how to connect laptop to canon printer.

Consider putting a Canon printer on a laptop.

Step 1: Turn off the printer and connect the USB cable. Connect the USB cord to the printer's USB port and the computer's USB port.

Step 2: Put the Canon printer installation CD in your laptop or PC's optical drive.

Step 3: Click “Cancel” in the New Hardware Wizard's next window.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen directions after the CD has fully loaded. Click “Start”, then “Computer”, then double-click on the CD/DVD icon to recover the CD's content. Double-click “Setup.exe” to start the installation. Allow time for driver installation.

Step 5: The Printer Connection screen will turn on the printer. Follow the rules at all times.

Step 6: When finished, click ‘Exit.'

Installing a Printer Driver

If this is your first time using your printer, there are several ways to connect Canon printers to laptops. Typically, older printers need a separate print driver, further complicating the process. Nowadays, most printer drivers may be downloaded for free online or appear available when you try to connect to your printer. After installing the driver, the laptop and printer can talk and print via the laptop cable or the local network.

Here's how to install Canon printer drivers on a laptop: If you don't have an installation CD, you can get the drivers from Canon's website.

How To Connect A Canon Printer To A Laptop?

Let's connect the two ends by connecting a Canon printer through USB to the laptop.

1: turn off the Canon printer.

2: Connect the USB cord to the printer and the laptop.

3: Start the printer.

4: Now go to the ‘Control Panel' in Windows by clicking ‘Start'. ‘Devices and Printers' > Print > ‘Add a Local Printer' Select the printer port required for the connection.

5: Locate the ‘Canon' printer option and select the model. Select the name, for example, to connect a Canon Pixma MX490 to a laptop.

6: Name the printer and click ‘Next.'

7: To share the printer with other devices, select ‘Next'.

8: Decide whether to set your printer as default. Next.

Wi-Fi Canon Printer To Laptop? (Wi-Fi)

Not interested in connecting Canon printers to laptops and printers through cable? Most modern printers include wireless capabilities that allow you to connect via a wireless network at home or in business. Each printer has its wireless networking mechanism. Most wireless printers require manual entry of the wireless network password. They can then communicate wirelessly.

If you have the same model, you can use WPS or Wi-Fi-protected setup.

Also, the access point must have a WPS push button. The network must also be secured with WPA.

1: Turn on the printer. Hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer's top until the lamp flashes once.

Step 2: The WiFi button's neighboring lamp glows blue. After two minutes, go to the access point and press WPS.

When the laptop and printer are connected, the Wi-Fi and power lights will stop blinking. To connect Canon printers to laptops using WiFi.


Install it by following the preceding steps and connecting the two devices as indicated. Then you can effortlessly connect Canon printers to laptops. We hope this answers your question regarding connecting a Canon printer to a laptop through a USB cable or without.