The choice of profession is very important for players in World of Warcraft. Each profession will have its own advantages, and only players who are good at using that profession will play the biggest advantage of changing their profession. As each player has different preferences, again, we introduce several different professions for players' reference.

If you want to accumulate more gold coins in the game, then I recommend you to use Alchemy. Alchemy in TBC is a powerful profession for making gold. Conversions like Primal Might are of great value throughout the game, and in the early days, many players will be willing to spend a lot of gold to obtain them. provides Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold, if you don't have enough gold, you can go to buy, safe and legit.

This class gains additional utility from the newly launched Cauldrons, which can provide a complete raid with important protection potions. The new alchemy stone can be used as a trinket, which is useful to the healer in certain situations.

Most players with alchemists will only do this to make potions and transforms. This is not necessarily the profession of the main character that many players want them to raid.

Jewelry craftsmanship is also very attractive to PvPers. It can not only increase stealth detection but also can be used to greatly increase attack power. There are certain gems in TBC that only jewelers can use, but they are only slightly better than others. This trinket is considered to be one of the best trinkets for thieves, and thieves are the top class in the arena.

Players who like to play melee will regard forging as one of their professions. Most melee professional maces can also be upgraded throughout TBC so that warriors and shamans can maintain this profession throughout the expansion process. The one-handed mace Dragonmaw is one of the most powerful crafting items in TBC. In addition, blacksmiths can make gold by making various items, such as weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor gains for items.

Players can make gold by enchanting other people's equipment or helping your guild. Enchanting will also become the first choice for those who run a large number of five-person dungeons and obtain loot they don't need. The dropped equipment can be decomposed and turned into more valuable materials, which can be used to enchant the equipment.

The project lost some value in TBC. But just because it is not mandatory does not mean that it does not have all the explosive toys before. Explosives, engineers, and grenade items are still useful throughout TBC, and PvP players will want to get craftable engineering goggles that improve invisibility detection.

Although these goggles were unusable at the beginning of TBC, it is expected that many players will revert to engineering when they become available in future patches so that they can catch up to the nasty stealth course in arena games.

This class was once considered a prerequisite for every predator in TBC, but Blizzard’s changes to Drums of Battle have greatly weakened this class. Despite being weakened, the raid still hopes that there will be at least one leatherworker in each group of raids. In general, this means that you need to have at least five raiders capable of leather processing in a 25-person raid.

Tailoring is the strongest DPS profession in TBC. The tailor provides a lot of powerful pre-raid equipment and the best two-piece Spellstrike suit for the warlock. Three special fabrics can be made, similar to the classic moon cloth, which can be used to make various items and equipment.

In the occupations introduced above, each race has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, in the Burning Crusade version, all occupations can be played happily. If you need a large amount of TBC Classic Gold in the game, you can come to our MMOTBC to quickly buy it. Real players make it online, which guarantees the safety of users.