The amount of products to decorate and furnish the house is increasing. Today, it is possible to think of a specific piece and find it in various shapes and sizes, with different colors and materials. An example of this is in the numerous types of custom made headboards for double beds.

With the popularization of sets that include a box and mattress, people have more freedom to customize the area that is leaning against the wall. There are structures for all tastes and styles, as well as ideas that allow the customization of every detail.

What do you think about knowing the main options? Stay with us and learn how to choose the model!

What Is The Headboard For?

Many people think of this piece as a decoration complement. Although it has great potential to beautify the environment, the headboard fulfills other functions.

Depending on its composition and finish, it can make the room cozy and functional for the following reasons:

  • protect the wall: by covering the part that is right behind the pillows, the headboard prevents the appearance of stains, fading and scratches;
  • offer back support: the backrest makes reading a book, meditating or using your cell phone, for example, much more pleasant;
  • Store articles and accessories: versions with niches and other compartments can store personal objects, favouring organization.

What Are The Types Of Headboards For Double Beds?

Anyone who visits a furniture store soon realizes that these pieces have variations in design, textures and other features. To facilitate your analysis, we have classified the main models according to the material. See the advantages and possibilities of ornamentation of each one of them.


It is one of the most versatile because it combines with different themes, from rustic to contemporary. You can use from solid wood boards to components made with fibers or particles of pressed wood, such as MDF and MDP — available in both smooth and textured versions.

There are also those who like to use demolition wood to convey a laid-back look. Whatever the alternative, it's worth highlighting the raw material with lighting items. A planned furniture project allows you to use both LED strips and built-in spots at strategic points on the headboard.


A favorite material for vintage or retro compositions, iron appears in various types of headboards for double beds. It conveys lightness and elegance when used to create curved and slender structures, with designs reminiscent of arabesques and other romantic symbols.

The solidity of iron can also be useful when working with industrial decor. In this case, the ideal is to opt for simpler headboards, made with few straight and thick bars. As it is a material that is cool to the touch, it is important to consider the need to cover it with pillows.

  Natural Fiber

It is perfect for those who enjoy the beach or clean style, as it refers to the freshness and simplicity of homes located in hot regions. The differential of this model lies precisely in the particularities of each type of fiber, which contributes to the production of exclusive pieces.

The most commonly used raw materials include bamboo, reeds, wicker, raffia and sisal. Their stems can be arranged side by side, overlapping or even tied together. The braided effect looks amazing because it creates reliefs along the entire headboard, bringing movement.


It consists of a wooden or metallic structure covered by foam and fabric finishing. It can be smooth or textured, in addition to having a homogeneous color or prints. These are features that need to be suited to the look you want.

If the goal is to have a modern or minimalist aesthetic, the tip is to bet on rectangular models and without much information on tones, cuts and ornaments. The classic style calls for curvilinear edges and upholstery finished with tufted stitch.

It is one of the most desired types of headboards for double beds because of maximum comfort. After all, it leaves the back support very fluffy and soft.


It makes up the category of innovative pieces, as it consists of the use of alternative materials to cover the wall behind the bed. A good example is to cover this part with porcelain tiles, paint, fabric or stickers. Use creativity to explore available resources and get the best result.

The creative headboard is ideal for those who have little space in the bedroom, who like customization or who tend to change the environment at all times. Its disadvantage lies in the fact that it has no volume, as it only brings drawings or items with little thickness. Thus, it ends up having only a decorative function.

How to Choose the Ideal Model among So Many Types of Headboards?

Knowing the positive points of each material helps a lot in the search for the right piece. It is important that you consider as much detail as possible before purchasing or ordering a model. This analysis will include everything from the style of the room to the needs of the residents.

Think that ready-made models slightly limit the variations in the types of headboards for double beds. So, if you insist on having a personalized version, the tip is to invest in a planned furniture project to define aspects such as material, size and format.

In addition to editing the measurements, it is possible to request resources that facilitate the couple's routine. If there are a lot of belongings to keep in the bedroom, for example, it pays to equip the headboard with niches, shelves or hollow details, where items can be stored.

Another possibility of custom furniture is in innovation to create differentiated pieces. That is, you can go beyond the normal limit of a headboard and make it reach the ceiling. The result is a kind of panel that highlights the sleeping area and enhances the decor.