The Steam Medal is a great way to quickly upgrade your steam level. This method is the simplest and most convenient. Medals are an important part of steam. But synthetic medals need corresponding cards, so how to get these cards, let me tell everyone!

First of all, and the most basic method: to obtain by playing the corresponding game. Cards will be dropped randomly in the game. After you put down the cards, collect them. It takes a lot of time to randomly acquire cards in the game. Some players choose to purchase Steam Level Up directly, which is safe and fast. The number of cards placed in each game is limited, which means that only a portion of them can be obtained in the game. As shown in the figure, seven cards are required to synthesize a medal, but only four cards are dropped in the game.

Friends can also provide cards to each other, which is also a method, provided that your friends must have the card and be willing to give it to you. The Steam account level also limits the number of friends you can add. The higher your Steam account, the more friends you can add, so the greater the chance of getting cards. After your friend agrees, click the initiate transaction button next to the friend's profile picture.

In some cases, you may not find cards that were not available at the end of the game. This situation may happen. To make up for the incomplete card collection, another method of upgrading Steam account has appeared in the game market. This method is to go directly to the community market to buy, such as, click to search for Cheap Steam Level Up, and then click the Buy button.

Players need to know the number of their medals and how many cards have been dropped in the game. You can see the specific viewing position in the upper right corner of the medal comprehensive interface to see how many cards can be dropped while playing the game.