With the launch of Burning Crusade Classic in early June, the level of World of Warcraft's nostalgic clothes has risen to Lv 58, from Lv58 to Lv60, and subtle changes have taken place during this period. As long as you are in the field of Burning Crusade, even if it is a paid item, you can only promote one character for each account. And they cannot be a new Draenei or blood eLven race. So choose wisely.

In the field of Burning Crusade, the total experience required for a character to reach level 60 has been reduced by 15%, and completing tasks above level 30 gains more experience points than before. Many players choose to Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold on mmotbc.com to level up fast. As many previously co-op-only missions have been weakened to make them more suitable for single players, the once strenuous journey to the highest level should be significantly reduced. But this does not mean that you will reduce your investment in-game time.

When you reach level 58 in the Burning Crusade, you will get a full set of equipment, some TBC Gold, Riding profession, and Accompanying mounts. In the current state, it is very difficult for players to upgrade from Lv58 to Lv60. Whether you like PvP, playing dungeons with friends, or you like to be alone, you will be told to go ahead and join the battle. The honor points earned in the process should provide you with some powerful new weapons and armors. To help you on the other side of the Dark Portal.

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