It looks that some villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons start to notice Tom Nook's shady business practices. This realtor is a huge staple with the franchise since its beginning. But his in-game economic schemes ever so much as evil when they just plain confusing.

Starting out as the town's main shopkeeper inside Animal Crossing, Tom Nook has been around in every game since and has now broadened his business horizons during the entire series. More recently, he's got become involved with real estate investment by selling Buy Nook Miles Tickets and property which they, in turn, must pay off during a game. Nook has gained his great number of tongue-in-cheek detractors within the Animal Crossing fan community, with a lot of jokingly discussing him like a sort of kingpin. Now, evidently, the lazy villagers on islands take issue with him, likewise.

Much of the reaction to the post reinforces the perception of Tom Nook to be a kingpin. Some fans joked that poor Rodeo was discovered dead right after saying this. Others, however, took an even more pragmatic approach, extracting how the player appears an indentured servant to Tom Nook. His economic schemes, as well as the economics of Animal Crossing, on the whole, are already widely discussed online ahead of this, as well as earned a short article that was published about the official government website for your state of Indiana. However, as Rodeo suggests, this doesn't happen to seem wise for virtually any enterprising US states or businesses associated with a size to attempt to emulate the financial phenomenon Nook has produced on a lot of players' island paradises.

Regardless of the players talk about him, it looks like Tom continues to keep his questionable business practices to the foreseeable future. After all, it's impossible to escape Tom Nook's island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All players can a cure for is that Rodeo and also the other Lazy villagers watch whatever they say so in order to not end up undertaking the interview process Nook Miles Tour from where they never return.