Ark: Survival Evolved's new DLC just released, called Genesis Part 2, as well as new creatures for being tamed, like Maewing. You will not have the capacity to resist adding it to a collection since it is designed for excellent transportation. It is a hybrid of the platypus along with a sugar glider, which is harmless whether or not provoked. If you are playing Ark: Survival Evolved, now is the best time to buy ARK Wyvern on 
It takes three steps to tame Maewing, in case you know what you are carrying out, it could be one of the easier creatures to tame. Even if provoked, it isn't aggressive, but if you do not have some single-player cheat codes, their excessive movement in a very certain area ensures they are difficult to trap.

Taunt It
You ought to taunt Maewing to be into the trap, and you'll do this by utilizing rare flowers.

If consumed this plant near Maewing, it can cause them to become aggressive and chase you, which can be exactly what you should lure them to a trap. This is a section of the reason why it truly is easier to tame than dung beetles.

Trap It
The best method to capture it is to place two billboards in the "V" shape and make use of flowers to get its head under at least one. Once you wear the billboard, then you can put the third one behind it.

Some players can easily use the billboard alone to capture it, but this may be a waste of resources and tricky to achieve. If the billboards are far too far apart, you may also have to place a roof since they can fly away if due to the opportunity.

Tranq It
After you trap Maewing, you ought to calm it down. A simple Tranq Arrow should solve the condition. It doesn't take much making it unconscious, because it's very weak, specifically when compared to other creatures which can help you scout your base.

Feed it
The last step to tame it is to feed it the food it likes, and coarse grinding is your best choice. So, players always like to buy cheap PVP Ark Survival Evolved Items. However, if you don't have a coarse grind, you can always use berries, and they will tame quickly.