The Wellington hotel London stands as a particular favourite. Here’s why:


Close enough for convenience

The Wellington – as well as its sister Blue Orchid hotel, The Rochester – is located at Vincent Square, right at the heart of Westminster. Travelling from the hotel to the station is a simple matter of following Thirleby Road to Victoria Steet, turning left and continuing until you reach.

Top Tower Hotel London deals are extremely popular as there is a huge influx of people travelling to and from London for business and tourism. However, if you are looking for a 5-star luxury hotel in London, you can consider choosing from Blue Orchid accommodations. 

A five-star property in London promises flawless guest services with amenities that offer comfort and luxury. You will have premium dining options as well as personalised services to make your experience memorable. Five-star hotel staff remember the names of their guests as well as their likes. Many add guest cards and flowers in the rooms as a welcome gift for the customers. Attention is paid to every single detail and high-end luxury products are made available in the bathrooms for the guests. 

With Skyline London serving the best cuisine from around the world, the restaurant offers a rooftop bar, al fresco dining with a World heritage site serving as the backdrop, and even a breakfast buffet and brunch. Cento Alla Torre in this Tower Hotel London serves the best delicacies from Italy. Our chefs expertly curate the recipes so that you enjoy the best treats during your stay. The rooftop bar takes care of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage needs. Our mixologist serves traditional drinks such as a Martini and even complex ones like a Bloody Mary.