When we talk about the cryptocurrency market, Coinbase is the best exchange to trade digital assets on. It began in 2012 and has extended its services all over the world. 

There are millions of investors, who are trusting this platform to trade. And, if you want to know what makes it special and trustworthy, there is not a single cause. Let me explore Coinbase in a nutshell.

Coinbase works as a one-stop shop for all crypto traders. You can buy, sell, and trade via Coinbase sign in account as well as you can store your purchased assets. In addition to supporting approximately 150 cryptocurrencies, it is accessible to desktop and mobile users. And most notably, there are two separate trading platforms: Coinbase and Coinbase Pro whereas Coinbase is a good fit for newcomers and Coinbase Pro is suitable for experienced traders.

Well, there is no doubt that Coinbase provides high-end security measures but you can provide an extra shield to your account by setting up 2-factor authentication in your Coinbase sign in account. Let’s acknowledge the way thoroughly to perform this setup.

Steps to undergo for 2FA setup in Coinbase sign in account

You've come to the correct spot if you're having trouble setting up 2FA. Here are some thorough guidelines. Simply walk through the process and comply with the step-by-step instructions.

  1. You must first open the browser extension of Coinbase.
  2. You may also utilize the Coinbase mobile application.
  3. After accessing the homepage, enter your login information as prompted.
  4. Once you've entered the information, double-check to make sure that it's accurate.
  5. After verifying the entered details, click "log in" to continue.
  6. Now, a profile symbol will show up on the screen.
  7. Proceed further by selecting the "Account Security" listed in the dropdown menu.
  8. Look for the option "Enable 2FA" and click it to finish the 2FA setup procedure.

Congratulations! Two-factor authentication has successfully been enabled in your Coinbase sign in account and is all set to safeguard it.

How can you purchase NFT crypto?

Well, if you are regularly participating in the nft crypto economy, it is impossible to say that you have never come across the word “NFT crypto” – all because of its popularity in blockchain networks. 

After reading this you may think that it can be hype, but it’s not, because millions of individuals are investing in it and considering it as a safe investment and making a massive income out of it. 

Well, you may ask, how to buy NFT crypto? So, we are here to tell you the whole procedure but before beginning this let’s have a look at NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Acknowledge the term NFT crypto

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – same as its name says, distinct and unreplaceable. These assets cannot be converted into other forms. Your artwork, music, games, and other digital items may all be converted into NFT, which is a digital asset and symbolizes real-world goods. 

Now, move ahead with our point of attention for this post that what is the way to purchase these NFT crypto assets?


To sum up, NFTs are worth purchasing, you can earn through them as well as you can preserve the value of your goods by converting them into NFT crypto.

Coinbase is equipped with tons of beneficial aspects such as an intuitive interface, sophisticated trading features, and top-notch security. All in all, Coinbase is worth using for any crypto trader.