In Lost Ark gold is an important currency, but it can be a tough grind to get enough of it for your adventures in the MMORPG. In this guide, we will show you how to get Lost Ark Gold for sale quickly! Of course, some activities are far better methods of making money than others. To help you find them, here’s an overview of the best ways to earn Gold in Lost Ark. We’ll start with the repeatable activities, before moving on to the best one-time Gold sources, and finish things off by making some recommendations for taking advantage of the player economy.


Additional characters are probably the easiest way to get consistent gold and you’ll get two powerpasses (Level 50 boosts) per account.

Unlike Silver, Gold is a currency that's shared between all the characters in your account.

You get a lot of honing materials from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids which you can sell on the market. Obviously, this would slow down the progression on your alt, but it does give you some quick gold.

Make sure to do your Una's quests and Abyssal Dungeons each week too.

Una’s Daily and Weekly Tasks

There are three daily tasks and three weekly tasks you can complete.

Head over to the Adventure tab to see the daily Una tasks.

Once you complete any Una’s quest, you will be given a reward of Una tokens.

You can convert these tokens into gold.

You get a reward of 2 Una tokens for completing a daily task and 12 tokens for completing weekly tasks.

Players can exchange 500 Una tokens for a gold chest in Lost Ark.

If you do the math, completing Una’s daily and weekly tasks can get you most of the gold in Lost Ark.

Complete Gateway Maps

Gateway maps are connected to he co-op-focused Voyage missions and if you are looking to earn gold quickly in Lost Ark, you need to keep an eye out on these. Completing Gateway maps will give you a nice gold reward. So grab a friend or other kind of partner and go do those missions!

Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are a daily activity that can be done easily and offers great rewards. The rewards depend on the island and vary among silver, card packs, pirate coins, and gold. The rule of thumb is that adventure islands that reward gold appear every 2 or 3 days. For the month of August, a Reddit user has posted the full list of adventure islands that reward gold.

As for the amount of gold earned, it depends on the character’s tier and contribution. A tier 3 character with maximum contribution earns 750 gold. Considering this takes a maximum of 10 minutes, gold adventure islands are one of the best ways for making gold.

Run Guardian Raids

Lost Ark offers a lot of more interesting endgame activities and one of them is Guardian Raids. A Guardian Raid lets up to 4 adventurers to battle a Guardian boss. There’s a 20-minute time limit for players to find and defeat a Guardian and each Guardian has unique mechanics and it requires complete cooperation from the players.

Play Boss Rush

Boss Rush is another endgame activity that can potentially provide lots of gem rewards and gold in Lost Ark. Gems are an important artifact to further make your characters more powerful by amplifying their skills and and shortening their cooldowns. This makes gems a hot commodity in the game. If you are lucky enough to access Boss Rush, you can reap lots of gems.

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