Most of the tube on the tube gauze is used on the ingot in the form of horizontal lying. The combined machine was fed with a single veil cyber, which caused a broken oriest to reduce the tension when the single gauze was retreated. Feed the gauze part to implement together. The combined machine can save the gauze process, which is generally only suitable for double -stock lines with low quality requirements. Direction Sarora is usually a pair of smooth round rollers. The lower Ronola is 6-8 ingots a section, which is inlaid with a full length. Each ingot of the upper Rogla is rushed to the bottom of Ronola. There is a certain method of wearing a gauze on Rolla, so that the yarn has a long enough friction surrounding arc to ensure that Lola transports the yarn to the twist area at a uniform speed.

It is composed of turning parts such as ingot rods, ingot plates, and gauze, and the gauze tank and hollow ingot tube. The non -movement part is outside the turning part, and the rolling bearings are connected. The tablet is driven by the dragon or ingot belt, which drives the gauze to turn around together. In order to ensure that the non -moving part is affected by the rotation part, it is generally equipped with a brake device with a yarn jar. There are three types of brakes: magnetic braking, gravity braking and mechanical braking.

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