Pain can simply be defined as an annoying or unpleasant sensation that limits a person's ability to carry out their normal daily activities in an independent manner. It can also be taken as an early warning sign that your body is not in a comfortable state and calls for appropriate action. The perception and intensity of pain varies from person to person.

A person with a broken bone may not even feel it, while another person may experience severe pain from a minor bruise, bruise or cut. It is a fact that when you do something that causes pain or discomfort in your body, the brain usually triggers a response that something is seriously wrong with your body.

Pain is one of the most complex processes and is controlled by the body's central nervous system. We usually feel pain when we touch a hot surface or get an accidental cut or bruise. Pain receptors that help us feel pain can sense pressure, light, cold, heat and pain. The best pain relief treatment is an OTC pain reliever, such as Tapentadol 100mg, which you can easily buy from Pharma Health online.