• Install the Your Phone Companion- Link to Windows app on your device by visiting www.aka.ms.yourpc on a web browser.

  • Log into to the application using your Microsoft accounts that you used to sign in to your computer. Make sure you're signed in using the same account on your computer in order to ensure that the process won't be successful.

  • After successful registration and successful login, the app prompts users to scan an QR code that will be displayed on your computer.

  • Open a browser on your PC for the QR code and search/ go to www.aka.ms/linkphone.

  • If Your Phone app is preinstalled on your computer, the website will prompt users to open the application. When you click ' Open Your Phone The application will open and display the QR code to scan.

  • Scanning this code on the Android phone.



  • A set of permissions for your device will be required by your phone, you must accept these permissions in order to allow your PC to access the files from the phone.

  • After the process is completed when the process is completed, both devices will be connected for you to take advantage of all the advantages.