Gabbo: Blaine Gabbert is playing just well enough to screw against the 49ers. There's a good thing that Blaine Gabbert is playing well Mut 23 coins. It's not all good news.

ALF-ASSESSED FALCONS: Bucs' Gerald McCoy calls out the Falcons' defense. The Falcons allowed Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston convert a long third down at a crucial event in Week 13's contest. Do we think in the Falcons are really "half-assing" the ball?

BACKUP FOOTNOTE Jimmy Clausen could make a very tragic Madden NFL 23 historical records. If Clausen will play for the Ravens and the Ravens, he'll be only the sixth quarterback to ever meet the same team twice during the same season and play for two different teams. However, there's an extra milestone Clausen can reach that others couldn't.

Watt is playing The broken hand doesn't stop J.J. Watt. He's playing the Patriots the hand is broken or not.

ALTER DOT JERSEY Buccaneers-Rams Color Rush jerseys were inspired by condiments. Ketchup vs. Mustard

CONCUSSION MOVIE: Adam Schefter is wrong, you should check out Concussion. This Christmas Day, Concussion will be released across the country in cinemas. The film tells the story of the doctor Dr. Bennet Omalu, and his research into and publicity of the problem of CTE.

Explanating the season The year when Madden NFL 23 got weird. The year 2015 has been one-sided but the little details made it exciting.

COMEBACK PLAYER- The best defense in the game wasn't playing in the last season. Eric Berry's story of his comeback is incredible.

How can I watch Jaguars Vs. Seahawks 2013 online, TV schedule, radio and more

The Seahawks are coming off a dominant home victory over division rival San Francisco, the Seattle Seahawks are riding high heading towards Sunday's game in Jacksonville buy madden 23 coins. The Jaguars are not as impressive and are one of the biggest underdogs of Madden NFL 23 history against Seattle.