Proper maintenance and care can extend the service life of the hydraulic motorcycle lift table and reduce the incidence of hydraulic motorcycle lift table failure. Hydraulic motorcycle lift table maintenance can be roughly divided into daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, and annual maintenance.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Daily Maintenance

(1) Check the counterweight door wire rope and guide wheel have no wear.

(2) Check the oil pipe, joints, and oil cylinder parts have no oil seepage phenomenon.

(3) Check all travel switches for looseness.

(4) Point to the hydraulic motorcycle lift table, and check whether there is an abnormal sound.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Monthly Maintenance

(1) Check the roller, bearing and other force parts have no wear, each fastener parts have no loosening phenomenon.

(2) Check whether all the travel switches are in good contact.

(3) Check whether the oil cylinder is leaking and whether the plating layer is peeling off.

(4) whether the action of the overload protection device is normal.

(5) Whether the circuit connection is clean, whether the connection is solid, whether the work is normal.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Annual Maintenance

(1) Hydraulic oil in the lift to the highest, the oil level is higher than the oil suction port 40-50 mm.

(2) Whether the hydraulic oil deteriorates, if deterioration should be replaced in a timely manner hydraulic oil.

(3) Clean the oil circuit system.

(4) Check whether there are any abnormalities in other parts.