Sample Installation Of Automobile Bicycle Racks

PUJIKAI automobile bicycle racks have a modern design and can be installed tool-free. The installation principle is connected to the sheet metal seam of the rear tailgate by metal hooks, which generally does not affect the opening of the rear tailgate of the car; it can be suitable for a variety of models such as SUVs and cars. And the automobile bicycle racks can be folded, saving the storage space of the car to a large extent.

After installation, it can leave enough space to store other things in other places of the car such as the roof, which is a good partner for car owners on long trips.

Buffer Pads Of Automobile Bicycle Racks

PUJIKAI automobile bicycle racks are also equipped with buffer pads, whether the bicycle racks are in contact with the car or racks in contact with the bicycle, all contact parts are buffer pads or soft coating surface smooth and elastic, do not have to worry about damage to the car paint and bicycle paint.

PUJIKAI automobile bicycle racks

Materials Of Automobile Bicycle Racks

PUJIKAI automobile bicycle rack is made of special material with various coating processes on the surface, which effectively protects the internal structure of the automobile bicycle rack. It can be used for a long time because it will not be damaged by rain or high temperature and long-term exposure to UV rays. It is very economical.