Motorcycle frame lift is used in the motorcycle repair industry motorcycle warranty machinery, the nature of its products, good or bad quality directly affects the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

Motorcycle frame lift plays a vital role in motorcycle repair and maintenance, whether it is for major repairs or minor maintenance, they are indispensable. In repair and maintenance enterprises of different scales, whether it is a comprehensive repair shop repairing a variety of models, or a street store with a single scope of operation (such as a tire store), almost all need to be equipped with a lift.

From the 1990s, the domestic lift gradually began to popularize, with the increase in China's motorcycle ownership, the motorcycle frame lift is an important tool for motorcycle maintenance, and the demand has also increased greatly. Now the motorcycle frame lift market has nearly a hundred Chinese and foreign brands and hundreds of product series. The advantages and characteristics of various motorcycle frame lifts are also different.

Motorcycle Frame Lift Classification

Motorcycle frame lifts according to the function and shape to be divided, generally can be divided into, two columns, four columns, scissors three categories.

(1) Two Columns Motorcycle Frame Lift

Two columns motorcycle frame lift is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment commonly used in motorcycle repair and maintenance units, widely used in the repair and maintenance of cars and other small vehicles. The two columns motorcycle frame lift can save a lot of ground space while lifting the motorcycle in the air, which is convenient for groundwork.

(2) Four Columns Motorcycle Frame Lift

The main feature of the four columns motorcycle frame lift is that the lift rises to the maximum lifting height when the time limit switch will automatically cut off the power and automatically cut off the hydraulic pump in the oil pressure circuit.

(3) Scissors Motorcycle Frame Lift

Scissors motorcycle frame lift is equipped with a small shear, which uses the same hydraulic balance control method as the main shear, with a maximum lifting height of 400mm. can be configured with high precision four-wheel positioning. The main and vice cylinder hydraulic way to ensure the balance of the system has the following advantages: no connecting rod, comfortable work, no obstacles, and the distance between the running board can be adjusted at will.

Scissors motorcycle frame lift

Motorcycle Frame Lift Selection Skills

In the purchase motorcycle frame lift, PUJIKAI electrical equipment company reminds you that a qualified lift must have reliable and good safety protection measures in the design and manufacturing process:

(1) The use of safe and reliable raw materials, and processing means.

(2) Design and manufacture a variety of safety protection devices.

(3) Operation and control mechanisms should all adopt failure protection, that is, any single component, component damage will not appear to make the vehicle fall and overturn and other dangerous situations.

(4) Wire rope, chain, and connecting ends should have sufficient safety factors and necessary damage tests.

(5) The application of test means for load and 125% overload test to meet the national standard requirements for lifts.

(6) There should be a national authority for the testing certification.