In the process of using the motorcycle work lift, the equipment was inadvertently into the water, so in view of this situation, we should how to solve it? On this issue, I will take you to understand in detail.

1. The motor of the fixed motorcycle work lift will burn out after entering water. In this case, the power switch should be turned off immediately and the pit should be cleared of water.

2. Try to make the motorcycle work lift high in front and low in the back, which is good for discharging water into the exhaust pipe to avoid damaging the converter and muffler.

3. The oil condition of each motorcycle work lift system should be checked and found to be blistered and turbid should be replaced in time.

4. After the test, the motorcycle work lift manufacturer reminds you that you should use compressed air machine to blow dry all the electrical connection parts in the top bin to avoid water accumulation in the electrical connection parts and cause corrosion.

5. If water has entered the electric motor of the motorcycle work lift, the motor should be removed and disassembled to allow the water to evaporate quickly. In summer, this is a very quick method.

6. Water wading in field parts, especially in steering, gearbox and other systems, can easily lead to deterioration of lubricants. The site should be disassembled and inspected.