The Installation Of Tool Shelves For Garage

1. Clean the wall, and buy the hole board and accessories according to the size.

2. Draw the hole punching position with a horizontal ruler, punch two holes and fix the first board.

3. Put on the second board, draw a good punching position, and punch holes to install the second piece.

4. Block all installed, and then adjust the gap to make the board neater.

5. Put on the accessories, and put all the cleaning tools on, no holes can be tied with a rope.

The Advantages Of Tool Shelves For Garage

1. Save space, the advantage of the tool shelves for garage is that you can hang things up, making full use of vertical space.

2. Flexible storage, easy to pick up. In addition to the nails available for hanging, there are also shelves and baskets with hooks, so that large items can be hung and small items can be stored centrally so that almost all items are not restricted. The so-called flexible storage, that is, the stored items can be placed at will, the size of the items can be interspersed fixed in the tool shelves for garage, each thing has its own territory, will not affect each other winding.

3. Good decorative, tool shelves for garage itself can be very good-looking, whether it is solid wood or iron plate.