Elevated Auto Bicycle Transport Rack

The advantages of elevated auto bicycle transport racks are that they can carry the bike while running fast, are professional, safe, and stable, and are popular among cycling clubs and professional athletes. The disadvantage is that after the bike is fixed on the roof, the height increases significantly and the passability will be affected to some extent.

Auto Bicycle Transport Rear Rack

The auto bicycle transport rear rack is connected to the rear tailgate through a metal hook, which generally does not affect the opening of the rear tailgate. The advantage of the auto bicycle transport rear rack is that it is more convenient to pick up and place the bicycle than an elevated bike rack, but the disadvantage is that the fixed metal hooks will have a certain impact on the body sheet metal, and sometimes the bicycle may block the number plate when hanging.

Auto Bicycle Transport Rear Rack

Trailer Ball Auto Bicycle Transport Rack

Many vehicles can be equipped with a 50 mm diameter tow ball at the rear, which is the common standard for European tow balls. The trailer ball auto bicycle transport rack can not only tow a motorhome, motorboat, or other equipment but can also carry a bike carrier and is usually installed on high-end SUVs, MPVs, or high-end commercial vehicles.