Call center outsourcing is primarily done to reduce cost of operations and improve customer service and marketing. However, today, call center services have evolved holding hands with the current business needs and customers’ demands. Call centers are not just helping companies to deal with the COVID crisis but also with redefining strategies, marketing campaigns and technology implementation for customer care.

While, the coronavirus has led to global economic and humanitarian crises, it has forced organizations and individuals to hurriedly change their way of operations and lifestyles.  For many, this is a challenging situation and the “new normal” isn’t going to be normal for a while at least. However, businesses are doing their best to handle the crisis – from managing supply chain disruptions to call center outsourcing for connecting with customers in a superior way.

Customer service and customer experience have also taken a new meaning against this setting. Organizations and employers are typically focusing on customer service to yield better customer experience by ensuring seamless, engaging and convenient approaches. Therefore, the need for professional customer service providers have grown manifolds.

Steps to build engagement

In order to re-orient customer experience, companies need to advertise or sell with a message that implies “we are here to help”. Here are a few steps to take to connect with customers better.  

Product or service portfolio innovation

This is the time when focus is towards more medical products, services and equipment. Hand wash, wipes, sanitizers and sanitizer dispensers, face coverings, gloves, sanitization booths, COVID-19 health insurance – these are in high demand right now. If your service or product line is not fitting into any of these, try highlighting on the hygiene and sanitation elements.

While you may have to focus a little extra on core business operations and marketing strategies, let your call center outsourcing partner handle non-core functions like virtual customer support, sales campaigns support, telemarketing emergency support, and customer answering.

Increasing virtual support

Companies are reducing the risk of transmission among employees and customers by increasing virtual support.  Grocery retailers with brick and mortar stores have decided to extend their operating hours for maintaining social distancing protocols, free home delivery for senior people have also been arranged. Some service –driven companies have increased safety measures by providing maximum support on multiple channels like phone, email, text and chat. Thus, companies are trying to avoid direct physical contact. Here, call center outsourcing helps in increasing virtual support.

Final Words

The demand for call center outsourcing is going to increase further with the coming years, as the importance of remote working and virtual operations grow, the need for global experts for better customer engagement will increase.