The database used in Personality+ is said to have been built up by a network of 1,700 scouts from around the world and will be integrated into every area of the game. Goalkeepers will also be getting in on the action FIFA 23 coins, with their real-life traits--whether acrobatic or traditional--translated to the virtual pitch. Personality+ will be combined with new body types and player models to further enhance the realism of the game.

EA will also introduce a new Pro Passing system, which determines pass accuracy directly from a gamer's ability on the controls. The player's skill will be combined with the situation and urgency on the pitch to create a more realistic experience. There will also be new passing types, such as swerve, which will enable players to make safer and more effective plays.

FIFA 23 will once again be going up against Konami's Pro Evolution FIFA series, which is also set for an autumn release. Pro Evo has suffered at the hands of FIFA of late, receiving less than enthusiastic review scores. FIFA, meanwhile, has enjoyed both critical and commercial success, with the 2022 iteration of the game selling more than 10 million copies. The latest release, 2022 FIFA World Cup South Africa, jumped straight to the top of the UK charts when it was released back in April.

EA has promised to reveal more new features of the game in the coming months. It has also invited fans to give their feedback and suggestions to the developers on the FIFA Facebook fan page.

Much of the emphasis is on FIFA 23's improved career mode, which promises more depth, particularly for managers. Squads have to be managed more effectively, with players getting upset if they're not paid enough--a true-to-life feature--causing their morale to dip and their performance to worsen. Conversely, AI-controlled managers can come in and make offers for your players, raising their morale but ultimately costing you more money. Youth scouting has been overhauled too, so you can discover young players from around the world and train them up. This ties in to an overall set of enhancements to player growth. Younger players develop faster and carry a higher potential than older players, whose performance worsens as they age.

Transfer deadline day has also been tightened up. More activity takes place during the transfer window, which includes increased media activity in the form of newspaper reports, all designed to increase the amount of feedback you receive on your performance as a manager. All the improvements tie in to the new EA Sports Football Club feature, which is an online service that connects players to a single persistent online profile. You pick a side, and matches played online with that side across FIFA games on Facebook, mobile, or console will award you with achievements and a position on a virtual league table.

While the focus is on career mode, additions have also been made to the game on the pitch, including precision dribbling, tactical defending, and a new player impact engine. Improvements to precision dribbling are subtle but give you greater control, letting you shield the ball from the opposition. Less subtle are the tweaks to defending, which take away the "homing missile" effect that players had when going in for tackles, replacing it with more realistic movements, such as grabbing shirts as players race by and coercing them into dangerous positions buy FUT 23 coins.

The new player impact engine provides the most change on the pitch.