Tony Gonzalez's ghost card is ridiculous. At 6'5", Gonzales has a base speed of 91, with 92 acceleration. All his receiving stats are 93 and over except for Mut 22 coins deep route running. Gonzales will outpace, outclass, and out-jump pretty much any defender in this sport. The card has great after-the-catch stats too but does not really attain the 90 juke threshold. The only downside to this Ghosts of Madden Gonzales card is his first run blocking. Gamers will just wish to use him at the slot or at pass-heavy sets.

Woodson has apparently no drawbacks to get a cornerback. The card is fast using coverage stats over 93. It will be uncommon, however Woodson can miss a couple of pliers with only 79 tackling. In pass protection, Woodson is up there with the best cards in the game up to the point. His aggressive trait will ensure that gamers have plenty of opportunities for interceptions.

Simmons is better than the Sean Taylor"the 50" card. The card includes 95 speed, 95 handling, 94 man policy, and 99 zone policy. At 6'4", Simmons is taller than Taylor also. Right now, Simmons is an S-tier security that any player would want in their staff.

Another Madden, another overpowered Bo Jackson card. Gamers will be able to run the ball all over the field with 96 acceleration, 94 Ability, and jukes over the 90 threshold. Jackson is strong and can truck linemen using 95 trucking and 88 strength. The sole reason this card isn't at the bottom of the record is its own dreadful receiving stats.

A few months before, this card was the very best in the game. What makes the card so incredible is the short and intermediate getting stats. Kamara has the speed and jukes for a bell-cow back, and he will conduct any slot recipient route to perfection. In a game that provides running backs favorable matchups against linebackers, players will want to cheap Madden 22 coins have Kamara in their team.