ISO 27001 Certification in Qatar When I supply a number of trainings for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, it usually turns out that one of the freshest subjects is about which insurance policies and techniques want to be documented, and which do not. Of course, there are some different heated discussions as well, however many of these occur due to the fact for anyone new in the ISO world (not solely in ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, however additionally in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, etc.) it is no longer effortless to recognize some unique wording in these requirements – right here is the clarification of the phrases that motive the most frequent doubts.

Which policies and methods want to be documented?

When you see the phrases coverage or manner in an ISO standard, this does no longer suggest that such a record desires to be written. A coverage or a technique desires to be written solely if the phrase documented stands subsequent to it.

For example, Access manipulate coverage from ISO 27001 in Iraq manipulate A.9.1.1 wishes to be written down due to the fact the manager says “… coverage shall be established, documented, and ….” As averse to that, Backup coverage is no longer to be written down due to the fact in manipulate A.12.3.1 of ISO 27001 there is no point out of the phrase documented.

Why do ISO requirements point out the phrases coverage or a manner if they don’t want to be documented? Because a coverage or a system may want to additionally be expressed verbally, except writing it down. For example, you can outline an easy system (like answering the phone) pretty exactly by verbally agreeing with all contributors on how it desires to be accomplished – you don’t want to write a record for it. Also, some insurance policies can be a phase of the facts structures configuration (e.g., the password policy) besides having a separate report for it.

What can you knock out from the scope?

Be conscious when you see the phrase scope, due to the fact it is described instead otherwise from one ISO general to another.

For example, when defining your scope in ISO 27001 Certification in Lebanon, you shouldn’t examine solely clause 1 known as “Scope,” however additionally clause 4.3 known as “Determining the scope of the records protection administration system.” When the phrase scope is referred to in ISO 27001, it does now not imply you can eliminate some controls due to the fact you don’t like them or due to the fact you assume they are too expensive; the exclusion of controls is allowed solely after you examine the dangers – as soon as you recognize there are no dangers that would require sure controls. See additionally How to outline the ISMS scope. On the other hand, exclusions from the scope in ISO 9001:2008 in Qatar are tons higher defined (clause 1.2 “Application”) seeing that these exclusions are easier – you can determine to rule out positive necessities from clause 7 besides having to operate some variety of evaluation first.

In ISO 22301, scope is described in clauses 1 “Scope” and 4.3.2 “Scope of the BCMS.” As antagonistic to ISO 27001 Certification in Philippines, the exclusions from the scope are now not primarily based on threat evaluation – to outline ISO 22301 exclusions, you have to make certain that they won’t have an effect on the organizational resilience; therefore, some smaller prior evaluation will be required.

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