Canon printers are multi-functionality printers available to copy, scan, and even fax your documents and images, other than only print them. The Canon printers support printing from your PCs as well as other devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and more. In addition, they are flexible enough to be used from any corner of your home using the wireless connectivity option it supports. 

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Troubleshooting Canon printer’s printing issues


Like any other printer, the Canon printer also comes across certain errors and issues. Its printing issue may arise due to more than one cause. One may encounter the issues such as not printing, printing blank pages, not responding, wireless printing not working, etc. Given below are some of the ways to deal with such problems in your Canon printers. 


Canon IJ printer’s not printing issue


You can fix your Canon IJ printer issues using some of the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure the power supply to your printer by checking the power cord if it is connected properly or not.
  • To begin with the Canon IJ printer troubleshooting, press and hold the power button of your printer.
  • Check if the flashlight of your printer is flickering. If it is, wait for it to get lit.
  • Your Canon printer wire connected to your PC should not be loose. If it is, plug it in tightly.
  • You need to ascertain the USB cable you are using to connect to your PC and printer must be compatible with both devices.
  • Check for the network connections to ensure the wireless connection method of printing with your Canon IJ printer.
  • Make sure the papers are loaded in an arranged manner on the paper tray of your Canon printer.
  • You will be able to print with your device only if your printer is added to your device. If not, add your printer manually.
  • You must ensure the correct configuration of your Canon IJ printer to resolve not printing issue.


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Canon IJ printer not responding issue

This issue arises in your Canon printers when your printer loses communication with your PC or a MAC. You can fix this issue using the steps given below:

  • Try resetting your PC operating system and then proceed with the printing process.
  • On having low signal strength, it is recommended to get your printer near your network router's range.
  • You can check your printer's signal strength by printing the Network Settings sheet and do the required adjustments to fix the problem.
  • To ensure your printer is in communication with your network router, power off your printer and router and then power on both the devices.
  • Try turning off the activated firewall software, which may be blocking the connection between the PC and the printer.  
  • Check whether or not your PC and a Canon printer are connected to the same network.

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