Vertical gardens are an ever-increasing trend in the construction and design industry and are admired for their capacity to completely change the appearance of a space with no structural modifications.

People seeking a low-maintenance, affordable alternative frequently opt for the artificial vertical garden but there are many questions that pop up and we're experienced in addressing these questions.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Faux Vertical Garden?

A minimum of 3-4 years warranty is offered for all the green walls, however, if maintained and placed in a safe location it is possible for your garden wall's vertical design to last for a longer time. As opposed to traditional plants, vertical gardeners won't have to be concerned about plants dying or falling away. 

Artificial greenery will last for many years if lightly dusted each time and kept out of reach of kids who could be attracted to scratch off the foliage. Green walls constructed outdoors or in zones with a lot of foot traffic could be more susceptible to damage, but a warranty of 3-4 years is given to ensure value and satisfaction.

What Are The Requirements For Maintaining An Artificial Vertical Garden?

The normal maintenance requirements of the artificial wall are almost absent, with the exception of the occasional requirement for the occasional light dusting using an abrasive cloth to get rid of dust and dirt that has settled. This keeps your green walls looking fresh and lively and is all you need to keep their beauty.

Reasons To Consider An Artificial Green Wall Over A Real Green Wall

In addition to the obvious benefits to the economy, the time savings quickly will add up. If you're looking to install it in an office, the task of installing the actual vertical garden wall has been assigned to a team member, and that could mean a lot of work for the team member.

The extra time required for installing, maintenance issues, and resolving any issues that may arise due to the growth of real plants in the office are problems that every workplace would be more efficient without. The greenery that is artificially grown can be the best option for any office which will save you time, money, and stress.

Are Artificial Gardens More Expensive Than A Genuine Wall Garden Installation?

Yes, they are, right from the moment they are set up and through the entire duration of their life! Real vertical gardens are almost twice as much to construct than artificial ones because they require real vegetation for continuous watering and the correct amount of sunlight.

The plants require irrigation equipment, which is expensive, and require ultraviolet lighting to keep the plants healthy. Even after initial set-up, the real vertical garden walls will cost you cash through electricity and water bills, as well as additional maintenance if the need for professional assistance arises.

Artificial green walls don't need any additional maintenance and the installation process is usually only about an hour, making them the most economical and efficient choice.

Can Artificial Vertical Garden Be Appropriate To Be Used Outdoors?

All artificial vertical gardens are made equal, so it is possible that some are suitable for outdoor use while others are better suited for installation inside.

An outdoor garden requires UV protection. If the artificial wall is placed outside without  UV protection, the wall will eventually fade and the vegetation will alter color over time, which will need replacement. To avoid this issue be sure to buy a UV vertical garden mat for outdoor.

These are some of the things to consider before buying artificial vertical gardens. You can include designer vertical gardens in different areas to provide the appearance of green and freshness to your home.