If you call a Walk In Bathtub Company and they refuse to give you any price information on the phone, hang up!


Prices for most big-ticket items sold by most in-home salespeople are arbitrary. Whatever they think they can get, they ask for. If that doesn't work, they have a whole repertoire of reasons it just so happens they can actually offer you a better price/deep discount i.e. models left over from a trade/home show, uncrated, never used; another customer ordered the wrong bathtub door model; you live out of the way, buy today so a return trip is not necessary...etc. 


There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, and we assume there are some Walk-In Best Bathtub Company in India that do employ ethical representatives who care as much about your needs as they do about their own bank account…


It is extremely important that you ask the company from which you are considering buying a Walk-In Bathtub company that actually issues the guarantee/warranty!!!

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